Simpsons hit and Run Mod Help? (Edit 29/06/2020)

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I would like some advice and help to make some hit and run mods, I apologise if this is annoying.

=======What I can do======
I can pretty much do a basic mission of all the objectives the game has done in the final build, such as
- Goto objectives
- all the A.I Objectives
- Goto (with collectable instead of trigger)
- Talkto
- Dialogue (Objective Dialogue only)
- Pre-Load Missions

======Mods you can help me with=======
I do have a few suggestions on what I need help with, you may answer the following I need help with if you know how to code that specific thing in. You do not have to answer them all, you can answer 1 or 2, or however many you want to answer.

- In-game dialogue during the mission when you complete a objective (example: When destroying the Cola trucks in Level 4 - 7, Marge says "Eat Canyonero")
- Forced Chase Missions (Instant and infinite Hit-and-Run during the objective, mission fails once you get caught)
- Destroy all cars (I did have some help from someone, but I did what I learned from the person, nothing happens, would be nice to shed some light onto that)
- How to add in a thread of text for the game to show. (Example: I wanna add a mission where you must destroy a vehicle (Similar to Level 1 - 3) and add a fail text and hint for when I fail a race saying "This person got to the location" instead of "You lost the race" and a hint saying "Hint: Ram the car into walls or buildings to max out damage"

You may mention me some advice on making custom missions that isn't mentioned, any advice is advice that can help me :)

Hope I can have a helping hand!

Is it possible for a simple step on how to add music to stages (SHAR in-game music to be exact, i don't wanna risk corruption with custom music) Cause when I read any tutorials related, it gets very confusing and it could be outdated some.

Kind Regards
- Ryankz11
- Forced Chase Missions (Instant and infinite Hit-and-Run during the objective, mission fails once you get caught)

Forced Hit & Runs use ASF, which you can learn about here:

Force Hit & Run Related Docs

There might be more regarding that in the documentation site, but this is probably the most helpful and relevant to what you need.

Destroy All Cars
This might be useful to you as well, also uses ASF:

- In-game dialogue during the mission when you complete a objective (example: When destroying the Cola trucks in Level 4 - 7, Marge says "Eat Canyonero")

You may want to look into the built in function:

A good example of completion dialogue is L2M1. Completing the first stage causes Skinner and Bart to have a conversation.

You'd need to add a dialogue to the sound script system, which you learn about here:

In which case, these would be helpful to you:
I tried doing in-game dialogue from that dialogue tutorial post, nothing worked, and I did add in a quote and replaced it with the word that makes it a in-mission completion dialogue instead of 'convinit'
Additional Script Functionality, a hack created by Donut Team which allows extra conditions, objectives and more in addition to those already present in the game (e.g. you can fail the player if they collect Coins).
@DeepFriedBurger, ah thanks I never knew the forums had a full on tutorial of different topics XD but that in-mission dialogue i'm still trying to learn.
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Is it possible that you may know how to do like do custom text? I know how to edit the mission board title and info text, but do you know how I can add Mission Failure texts? Like that mod "Annoy Squidward" Where Nightbane uses custom mission fail reasons and hints such as "You lost patrick" etc.
The text for failing is different depending on what the player fails for. For example, failing to follow the target vehicle uses the following strings:

MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE=Failed to follow vehicle. 
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT0=Hint : Explore the level before attempting this mission.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT1=Hint : Look for Krusty Glass to find short-cuts.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT2=Hint : Keep the vehicle you are following in sight.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT3=Hint : Remain a short distance behind the vehicle you are following.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT4=Hint : Use short-cuts to catch up to the vehicle you are following.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT5=Hint : Try to match the speed of the vehicle you are following.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT6=Hint : Collect coins to purchase a different vehicle.
MISSION_FAILED_FOLLOW_DISTANCE_HINT7=Hint : Maintain control by using the E-brake to powerslide around corners.

You would want to copy and paste these into your CustomText.ini file and edit them accordingly. If you were to edit them for specific contexts (e.g. failing to follow a particular vehicle), then you'd want to put them under the "[CustomTextLXMX]" section (instead of "[CustomText]".
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so what if I had 2 follow A.I objectives? or do I just have to do one?
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