Where can I find "fast run?"

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Yeah... In Simpsons H&R, "fast run" is where you sprint at hyper speed while on foot. I thought there was a cheat code like that included in this game, like the "All Bonus Cars" and "Character Select" ones are. Or, am I missing something? :/
I don't think that cheat code exists for SHAR.

Here's a list of all cheat codes in the game
Oh OK, thanks for showing me the cheat list, Jake. I'm still sure there's a way to enable fast run outside of the game somewhere... But either way, it was good fun. Reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog who enjoys running very fast on foot. And believe me, I saw the fast running enabled in action 'cause there was a YouTube video way before of some guy recording on the screen. I guess he must of used a third-party cheat device that included it.
To add to what Jake said, it is technically possible to enable something similar to a fast run, utilising external programs
Like CheatEngine for example, you can enable it's speedhack function, albeit the entire game will get faster, not just the character you're controlling, and the speedhack itself is really prone to crashing the game on faster settings
OK, thank you too, Gordon CMB.