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Official Archive of Donut Team Posts (2013 - 2015)
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About Classic Topics:
In 2015, we restarted our forum while keeping an HTML dump of all topics available for users to view. In 2020, we realised the important history behind some of these topics and began developing a system to bring these topics back to the live forum.

This profile was designed to reshare posts from older versions of the Donut Team community. This is an automated process and you will not receive a response from this account.

Frequency Of Posts:
We're releasing batches of posts as we move forward. There are currently ~400 topics left to convert.

Topics will be re-published as soon as our system re-creating these topics are confident that it has done a good job. Topics are being re-created from HTML data that is being converted into Donut Team's current standard of BBCode. Some information such as color tags have been removed as that data is no longer valid.

Removal of Content:
If a re-published topic contains information you'd like to be removed, please contact