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  • Kenny Giles voted on Jake Andreøli's reply to: Is Donut Team still active?
    Hi @AshleyGamer1995,

    I want to apologize that we haven't gotten back to you sooner, but hopefully I can clear somethings up in this.

    I am the only one who replies to support emails. We rely heavily on our forum or Discord for non-essential or less important support because the community can often help while we're away.
    I checked and they ended up going to our spam filter for one reason or another; which is why we never saw them. We rarely look in our spam filter for false positives because of the mass amounts of spam we receive.

    In terms of Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Tweak: We do not officially support, release or maintain Lucas' Tweak for various reasons. However, someone has reuploaded it if you insist on having it:

    I'd also like to give clarification to your mod request: - I noticed you replied about no one replying, I'd like to say that the majority of the community aren't interested in fulfilling mod requests. In fact, we have more people playing mods than making them. You can always join the Discord and learn how to make mods yourself. As long as you're willing to learn and are appreciative, people usually will help out in that front.

    In terms of us still being active. The simple answer is yes we are still active.

    But the long answer is that's a difficult question to answer and this probably isn't the correct avenue to officially discuss that, but I'll give some information.

    Since the end of 2019, we've been working at less than half capacity. A lot of staff members have been burned out, working on personal or other projects, or are not simply not as interested as we were when we started this. Before we founded Donut Team, Loren and I were very interested in developing our own video games. However just by luck, we stumbled into creating a modding scene and made amazing friends like @Kenny Giles , @Lucas Cardellini and too many others to name here. When we founded Donut Team, I was 16 and my curiosity in the video game scene drove a lot of interest in The Simpsons: Hit & Run modding. I am now 24 and am more interested in cementing my career, building a life with my partner and fulfilling what I wanted to do before this project. Since about 2016-2017, I've strictly worked on the community website, public relations and other community centric efforts.

    This doesn't mean we don't care about the community or that our projects are done and over with now. We have a lot left we want to finish and a lot left to work on before the curtain drops. I just think we're not all hands on deck currently and I hope in the near future we can find solutions to these things that create this disconnect.

    Jake Andreøli
    Community Director
  • Kenny Giles voted on J_GaminGG's topic: SHAR: Remixed - 3 Level Beta Release
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  • Kenny Giles replied to I'M Lazy and a Noob and i need help
    Apologies for replying so late!

    Went ahead and removed the previous threads due to the relatively short nature they were made between one another (less than a day for the Voice Line assistance thread). As stated earlier, please be mindful of creating multiple topics asking for mod assistance! It might be nicer to condense them all into one place if you have a lot that you're curious about and might better ensure that everything is seen by the multiple users roaming the site. It can be easy for a topic to accidentally be overlooked as a result.

    I also understand this was asking for a mod request to use the SOS Skybox with the Connected Map, but this still seems to pertain to assistance with your mod (as it seems you're asking for this asset to be created to help contribute to the overall mod, in addition to your other questions about Level Swapping and voice lines). As such, I moved this topic to a different board (Support), and connected all three previous topics here.

    A user in the Level Swapping thread (Addy) recommended following a tutorial to figure out how to swap the Level order in order to have Level 7's layout for Level 2. That thread in question is here.
    Regarding your question from Sparrow's old tutorial explaining how to add custom dialog into the game:

    I Want to make a conversation where homer and the tv is talking how can i do that?

    Conversations where a character appears to just be talking to themselves or looking at an object is something that the game normally doesn't dabble in too often, and is only done in a handful of missions. A couple of them also do it slightly different ways from one another. Assuming that you just want the conversation to be between Homer and the television, you'd probably want to use the method Radical used in missions such as Blind Big Brother (Level 1, Mission 4) where an NPC is spawned out of bounds so the player can't see it, and then assign dialog to this NPC. The result would be having Homer hear something from the television, followed by a line from Homer (or vice versa).

    Assuming you're comfortable with P3D Editor 4 and understand how mission script editing works, you can place an NPC of your choice near the Simpsons Household out of bounds like Radical does with Burns in Blind Big Brother. The easiest way of doing so is using Cheat Keys:

    Once you've created a locator for this out of bounds NPC, and have them added for the stage right before you were to 'talk' to the television, you'd then just have to add the dialogue stage.

    • Follow the tutorial Gordon linked earlier for an understanding on how to add dialog to the game and implement the dialog you've recorded.
    • Create a locator for an NPC out of bounds near the Simpsons Household interior.
    • Modify your mission script to have a stage where Homer has to get near the television in order to activate it. The "goto" objective from Flowers By Irene's pre-mission (scripts\missions\level01\m5sdi.mfk) is a pretty good example of what I mean.
    • Modify your mission script to include a dialogue stage between Homer and the NPC you chose to place down.
    • Presto! You should create the illusion of Homer looking as if he's is listening to the television in a dialogue stage.

    Hopefully this helps. This does assume you're also comfortable with how to modify mission scripts and P3Ds to create new locators. If you have any concerns about that, feel free to reply or head on over to the Discord.
  • Kenny Giles replied to Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
    To add onto the discussion, I believe now that I’m wrong about the blue shirt still being used in merchandise. Rather, it seems the Blue Shirt Bart design became a Bartman exclusive thing.

    Most renders I’ve seen of Bartman feature him exclusively in the light blue shirt. The later Bongo Comics also seem to consistently portray him with the blue shirt, but not Bart as himself (like in the examples I showed above). “No More Mr. Ice Guy!” has a panel that features him in his traditional orange shirt, but after switching into Bartman, he now uses the light blue design.

    I swore I’ve seen more late 2000s merchandising using the Blue Shirt design though, so I’m very much confused. Trainman’s theory about it simply being for contrast also feels plausible, but this is the only time I can think of where the shirt is dark blue.

    I have zero explanation for Grampa’s design still being inconsistent in some merchandising, however.
  • Kenny Giles voted on Trainman84's reply to: Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
    My only theory would be between Lisa's red dress, the red car, and a red shirt on Bart, they went with a blue shirt to give some contrast. I imagine a conversation going a bit like this "There's a lot of red in that artwork." "Well I can change the car color or I can change clothes colors" "Nah, red is a good sports car color. Didn't Bart wear a blue shirt for a while?" "OK, blue shirt it is"
  • Kenny Giles replied to AI Vehicle Equality
    Oh this is a neat idea! Back when I first rediscovered the game and found the PC release, I was curious if all AI cars shared the same confit as their normal counterparts. Loren corrected me after showing a buffed Black Van and it’s kinda cool to see why Radical had to fudge the numbers for the AI as a cute novelty thing.

    Curious: I assume this also gives the AI cars the turning values of the player cars? The AI cars seem to have much more sensitive turning. Would definitely be curious to see how certain destruction objectives play with those values while keeping everything else from the player cars.
  • Kenny Giles replied to Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
    Super interesting little speculative thread! This was something that was personally always weighing on my mind. Kind of a long-winded post, but wanted to share what I think is the most plausible reason for the Dark Blue Shirt Bart on the boxart. Making this a bit late as well tonight, so apologies if the formatting is a little messy.

    To start with the blue shirt itself appearing in general merchandise, your post is actually the first I've heard of Bart's blue shirt being a leftover from Fox hastily sending outdated references to manufacturers. Neat!

    I did a quick little internet search and it seems the source of this comes from a RebelTaxi video (which I had never actually seen!), but it doesn't seem to explain why the blue shirt was kept even after the show gained notable widespread traction. This appearance of Bart actually includes merchandise well beyond the early 2000s. This ScreenRant article here mentions the Bongo Simpsons Comics still using Blue Shirt Bart in some later issues. While I'm not super familiar with the Bongo Comics (I never read any of them outside of a Christmas-themed compilation one I had as a kid), there is a Bongo Comic compilation as recent as 2017 that prominently uses Blue Shirt Bart on the cover.

    Abraham Simpson (Grampa) also suffered a similar issue in concept art/promotional art for the show. While he was initially depicted with a blue sweater in some of the earlier Tracy Ullman shorts, his pink-ish sweater was much more common in the series. I've seen two versions of the art used for Grampa's HUD icon in Hit & Run. One with the pink-ish sweater, and one with a more blue-ish color. The latter was the one Radical actually ended up using for Hit & Run, so we know this is official and not any sort of fan edit. The Blue Shirt curse also seems to have followed Grampa into the Bongo Comics as well.

    I could see maybe Fox only really having these older Ullman models to go off of and that was sent out to those producing merchandise. However, the blue shirt was perhaps viewed as iconic in it's own strange way that it was intentionally kept and also made it's way over to SHAR's art? That's my only theory on why the Blue Shirt design was still popping up even in the later 2000s-2010s despite the show (and Bart's proper color palette) being very popular at that point. I feel the same might apply to Grampa as well.

    You definitely wouldn't be wrong to speculate that Matt Groening likely wasn't the man behind Hit & Run's boxart too. We know from some very early footage from IGN and whatnot that Radical had plans of producing their own artwork for Hit & Run's mission briefings. However, a developer that popped by our forums 5 years ago (Noviwan) explained these were done away with because Fox had '(...) a specific team that does ALL 2D content and drawing (for authenticity reasons, which is totally understandable). That's why the game has those kind of odd graphical iconic mission-briefing screens.' Note the use of word 'team' there.

    Because of this, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if the art in question wasn't handled by Matt himself, but rather a ghost artist that Fox paid to just mimic Matt's style. His signature was likely just thrown on the box for consistency/recognition? The artist might have not had too many references to go off of the game itself outside of the general theme, as not only is Bart's Ferrini noticeably off model, but the fire hydrant near the crashed car/Apu has the gushing water misplaced depending on what platform the boxart was on.

    These errors also lead me to think of the (admittedly disappointing) conclusion that the Dark Blue Shirt Bart in Hit & Run's artwork was likely also an oversight as well. While I feel the blue shirt was intended from the start, a darker color was chosen by mistake. Given how Bart's lower body isn't super visible on the boxart, nobody caught it and it was just shipped as-is. That, or it wasn't deemed too big of an issue and left alone.

    I'd love to hear more thoughts on the whole thing myself as I will admit this is the only time I've seen Bart depicted with such an off color palette for his shirt, so it's possible my theory of 'ghost artist just chose a bad color for Bart and nobody complained about it' isn't accurate.
  • Kenny Giles voted on grimey's topic: Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
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    Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
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  • Kenny Giles replied to Is there any chance of SHAR missions mod that could be made as me and my friends thought it was such a great idea
    Hey there!

    Apologies, I'm not sure I understand the question being asked due to the phrasing? Are you asking if it's possible for you to create your own missions mod, or would you like to create a mod that features you and your friends?

    Both are completely possible to do relatively easily with Lucas' Hit & Run Launcher. We have a bit on our documentation page explaining how to set up your own mod in order to get started with creating. After you've set up your mod and specified CustomFiles as a Required Hack, you can then go ahead and copy and paste the mission scripts from your game's installation directory into your mod. It's then a matter of editing the mission scripts to create an entirely custom mission. There are some tutorials floating here and there on our forums, though perhaps the best place to get direct assistance is through #modding-help in our Discord server.

    If you'd rather create a mod starring you and/or your friends, it's also possible using Blender. We have several mods currently on the forum that make use of entirely custom models not found in the base game (or models heavily modified from the base game). With a bit of modelling experience and rigging, this is also something you can do.

    Hopefully this helps answer your questions.
  • Kenny Giles replied to game keeps stuttering
    It might be better to go ahead and create a new topic for this sort of thing, despite (seemingly) having the same issue. The original poster no longer seems to be active and there's a variety of factors that might be contributing to this happening on your end?

    If you can, please give us any more details about when you experience the stuttering and what mods/settings you might have enabled when launching the game. Jake's previous suggestions of trying out disabling the Frame Limiter hack and using 'Limit to Single Core'.

    Hopefully it can be resolved or dissected further!