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  • Stringmaster7 replied to Blender 2.8+: Weasel's Map Data Editor 2.0 - Blender solution for creating/editing Roads, Paths, Fences and Locators!
    I have to say, this is INCREDIBLE! Weasel On A Stick, you have made some great mods, and now giving your true tool that makes everything cool is awesome. I hope everyone who uses this tool will bring some great thoughts and actions as you have made it to be.
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    Blender and SHAR
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  • Stringmaster7 replied to Why this happens when I try to import a XML model to lucas pure 3d editor?
    I see that you can pull it up, and look at it. but, here is my question, did you update and download DirectX for it. I know, for me, in order to pull something up in that design with that program? I had to download DirectX to get it to even come up.
  • Stringmaster7 voted on Weasel on a Stick's reply to: Blender 2.8+: Weasel's Map Data Editor 2.0 - Blender solution for creating/editing Roads, Paths, Fences and Locators!
    2.0 Version finally released! (hopefully I don't have to make a lot of hotfixes and patches) Road, Locators and Misc Modules have been updated with a lot of features.
    • Updated Road Module, fixed some bugs
    • Locators Module fully* implemented (*everything that has been deciphered by Lucas, at least)
    • Tree generation (Misc Module) implemented (requires a set of intersect markers)
    • Intersect markers (iMarkers) import implemented
    • Instance List import/export implemented

    Also stay tuned for "custom map making" tutorial I might announce very soon. (This update was the last thing on my to-do list)
  • Stringmaster7 replied to Tales of Springfield: Original Concept Document (Cancelled Mod)
    Hi Jake AndreĂžli, My name is Stringmaster7, and I was wanting to know if its ok if I write the script for this mod. I think that it has the potential to become a second Game from the Hit and Run series. I saw the video of the preview on the fourth mission of Donut mod 4. It has a great twist from what I saw, excellent background, excellent playtime, and non-the-less .Superior gameplay. But, it was just a preview, just like it said on the video. If you would like to see what I have written out, I have all on a notebook sheets. Ill take a picture of them for you. I hope itll be ok if i used some of your material to use for the mod. The material you have for the game is Great, although like you said, It's from Radical Entertainment anyway, so, on that preference. I would like to see how it all starts to unfold after i get the manuscript out, because I do not have the appropriate equipment to start the process yet. Once I have acquired funds to get the needs, I'll start right away on it.
  • Stringmaster7 replied to Welcome to Donut Team - Introduce Yourself!
    Hi, my name is Stringmaster7. I played Simpsons: Hit and Run Since I was 5 Years old. I have the game for pS2 for a couple of years and now with the Coronavirus outbreak, I finally have it and a couple of your mods on my PC. Love what you do and how its formed, I was wondering how you get Pure3D editor to work properly, or if there is a Tutorial on how to use it. I was wanting to make a couple of levels myself to see how i can Revamp the game, make it look bigger with, if I can do the project, make 10 levels on it, on my off time when I'm not working at my Job.
  • Stringmaster7 voted on JoshuaL2153's reply to: Welcome to Donut Team - Introduce Yourself!
    Love this idea. First off, huge simpsons fan. I found out about Donut Team mid/late 2019 and was a lurker for a long time! Was in awe of Donut Mod and a lot of the other content that's come from this community. Finally made an account at the start of the Covid quarantine :P As kids, my brother and I would complete Hit & Run 100% and then start the game over again instantly (probably did this at least a hundred times) so seeing fresh content after all these years really was amazing to me and still is today! I normally produce music in my spare time but recently i've been modding a lot and learning a lot about the game. This site is incredible and i want to thank the staff, the community leaders here and everyone else making this game just as fun as it was when i first played it.