SuperFocusYT's badge collection

SuperFocusYT has collected 6 badges.

5 Star Babysitter badge

5 Star Babysitter

Play the "Where's Maggie?!" mod.

Earned on .

Something Feels Off... badge

Something Feels Off...

Play the "Road Rage Returns" mod.

Earned on .

Technically Multiplayer badge

Technically Multiplayer

Play SHAR MP for the first time.

Earned on .

OG of '03 badge

OG of '03

Play The Simpsons: Hit & Run without any main mods.

Earned on .

For A Few Pickles More badge

For A Few Pickles More

Play "Pickle Mod".

Earned on .

Underwater Hijinx badge

Underwater Hijinx

Play the "Annoy Squidward" mod.

Earned on .