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Hello TheTitaniumFox here!

I'm a huge Technology nerd and a bit of an engine head I also enjoying video editing and Photoshopping
I do have a YouTube channel it's very small and not that good... it's still a working progress.. (I recently got back to it...) (it's been dead a while)

My Top 5 Favorite Simpsons cars:
1. Electaurus (Has Something special 😉) (Most favorite)
2. Malibu Stacy Car
3. Chase Sedan
4. 70's sports car
5. Skinner's Sedan

Favorite map location:
1. Level 2 (bart's level)
2. Level 5 (Apu level same as bart's but at night)
3. Level 3 (Lisa's level)

*If you guys ever wanna look for me just find the name TheTitaniumFox or find Lisa driving the Electaurus I tend to use it a lot! *
Discord: TheTitaniumFox#2516