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The Company

Founded to create awesome things, Donut Team is a group of people expressing ourselves through the games, websites, and apps we create. We were founded originally by modding a game. More ideas began to spawn and we eventually launched "Donut Team". Donut Team, or DT for short, is an indie development company. Our main focus is games, but we've also developed and are working on many web, desktop, and mobile applications.

The Team

Jake Andreoli
Jake Andreøli - Co-Founder

Jake has launched many projects from the age of nine. He enjoys writing stories, creating awesome websites, and managing the website. He has wrote millions of lines of code and developed numerous applications, websites, and stories.

Loren Goodwin
Loren Goodwin - Co-Founder

Loren has been a fan of storytelling for many years. He's written short stories since the age of eight. However he's always aspired to put his stories into interactive works, into video games. After embarking on his dream at thirteen, he's worked on many large mods and games.

Kenny Giles
Kenny Giles - Co-Founder

Kenny Giles is a great concept thinker and story creator. He's best known for pitching endless, crazy concepts to the team that are nothing short of unique and fascinating, and he hopes to create a game. He's also interested in using a cast of characters he's created himself to use in an animated show of his own one day.

Lucas Cardellini
Lucas Cardellini - Tools Developer

Contributors: George Fullerton, Mikey McMikeFace, Max Walker, Koopa and Craig Fells