Community Guidelines


Donut Team is a mod sharing network that is made possible by users like you. Through user contributions and topics, everyone is able to share, discuss, learn, support and connect with thousands of other people.

We have two sets of policies for how we govern the community. Below you'll find our Community Guidelines as to what you should expect from you and your fellow community members.

Every person using Donut Team, including staff, is expected to follow the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines listed below.


Rule 1a: Harassment, Bullying and Bigotry

Donut Team is a place for everyone. We are not a place for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Donut Team shall remain free of harassment, bullying and threats of violence for as long as we exist.

Users who share or promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be permanently terminated from our platform. This also applies to incidents that did not happen on Donut Team's platforms.

Rule 1b: Appropriate Subjects

Community Members should refrain from discussing things such as politics, religion, other controversial political subjects (Gun Control, Vaccines, Climate Change, etc) or controversial current events (COVID-19).

Users who share or promote content that goes against the Appropriate Subjects guideline will be warned. Repeat offenders will receive an account suspension or account termination.

Please be aware Donut Team will periodically make announcements regarding current events. If you disagree with the sentiment we share, you are invited to talk about them in that discussion thread only. However, your right to participate in that discussion thread will be revoked if your post creates unrest or is used to share bigotry or hate content.

Rule 2: Respecting Privacy

Respect each and every person's right to privacy. You may not share someone's personal or confidential information without their consent.

In addition to that, you are not permitted to use someone's personal information, photos, or media in an attempt to harass or bully them. This includes, but is not limited to:

Rule 3: Content Manipulation

Content manipulation is prohibited while using Donut Team. This includes, but not limited to:

Secondary, or alternate, accounts without permission from Donut Team Staff also are in direct violation of this rule.

Rule 4a: Personal Information

Donut Team does not require any user to share any personal information. We leave it up to each user to determine whether or not the information they post should be public. In the interest of our user's privacy, we suggest you take caution when sharing personal information.

Rule 4b: Impersonation

Impersonation of any person or entity is not permitted.

Rule 5: Language

Donut Team allows people from all backgrounds to join in on the discussion. However, Donut Team primarily uses English. While on the site, we ask you to use English as much as possible. If you're unable to, we recommend a web translator.

Swearing is not encouraged but is not banned. However, Rule 1 still applies for any slur that can be directed at a group of people.

Rule 6: Acceptable Content

Please follow the Forbidden Content section of the Terms of Service to ensure your content is allowed to be shared on our platform.

Rule 7: E for Everyone

Donut Team is for everyone ages 13 and up. We do not allow any kind of sexually explicit content (made available through text, images, video or any other type of media that is or will become available during Donut Team's existence) on our platform.

Rule 8: Illegal Activities

Donut Team is not a place to engage in, share or otherwise promote illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

Donut Team is based in the United States, meaning United States laws must be adhered to at all times. This includes Copyright law and Computer Misuse law.

Rule 9: Respect Enforcement

Enforcement is handled by our Community Team. If you have any concerns, please email or contact a Community Team Member privately through the use of our direct messages feature or on our Discord.


Our Community Team enforces the Community Guidelines and works to make Donut Team a fair and fun place for everyone. We have many different ways of enforcing our rules, including, but not limited to:

Advertising Guidelines

You may share content that you've created, even if it pertains to topics other than modding as long as your content is posted in the correct location. However, please do not try to derail an existing topic or discussion in order to promote yourself.

Additionally, be prepared to accept feedback on anything that you post from other users. If you can not accept both positive and negative feedback, please refrain from posting your content.


Donut Team reserves the right to update the community guidelines at any time.

This document was last updated on 20 February 2021 at 08:02 PM.