Reverse Engineering Guidelines

Last Updated

  • Last updated as of 2 April 2020
  • Effective as of 2 April 2020


Until 25 June 2019, a clause was part of the Donut Team Terms of Service that was written without fully grasping the impact of the said condition. The condition completely prohibited reverse engineering any of our software we release through Donut Team.

This clause has not been enforced and we've actively encouraged users to reverse engineer when they're in doubt of what one of our programs actually does. Because of this, we wanted to release our own "Reverse Engineering Guidelines" to better assist users in what we define as right and wrong. In addition to this, we've removed the aforementioned clause from our Terms of Service.

What is allowed?

  • You are allowed to reverse engineer our software and mods for educational purposes, such as understanding the implications of using the Mod Launcher in a competitive setting or otherwise understanding the behavioural changes to the game as far as the end user is concerned when using the Mod Launcher.
  • You are allowed to use code samples from decompiled or reverse engineered tools in your own projects, however attribution in your ReadMe and/or in the application itself (in an about or licenses window for example) is required.
  • If you find a bug or security exploit, it is imperative that you privately report it directly to or private message an online Lead Staff member.

What am I not allowed to do?

  • Do not reverse engineer Encrypted Mod Support for the purpose of circumventing such encryption in order to take assets from encrypted mods or to potentially assist others in doing so.
    • You may contact a Mod Developer for approval to use their assets in your own mod, however they should supply said assets. If the assets no longer exist, the original Mod Developer may contact for a copy from their mod files.
  • Do not interface with our Web API without written approval from Lead Staff.
  • Do not release modified copies of our programs without written approval from Lead Staff.
  • Do not release direct copies of Donut Team or the Donut Team community's software or mods.

Violation of Terms

We actively maintain that we think it is the right of users to open up and tinker with our software, however we do maintain the right to enforce our rules on and off our site.

Users who violate the terms are subject to the following:

  • Termination of their Donut Team account
  • Usage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (commonly referred to as "DMCA") on project pages or web hosting that do not contain attribution or violate our Reverse Engineering Guidelines.

Closing Notes

We understand why people are interested what is going on behind the scenes, which is why we find it crucial to establish guidelines like these ones. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at or contacting a Lead Staff member privately.