Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha

About the Mod Bakery Read-Only Alpha

Mod Bakery is currently available in a Read-Only Alpha state.

What does this mean?

By "read-only alpha", we mean this is an early version of Mod Bakery's user interface that currently lacks the ability for users to add new releases of their own.

We're choosing to launch it in this state to gather early feedback on the feel and usability of the site. We also believe that it is already a better home for our releases as well as the (currently limited) selection of community releases we host.

How long will Mod Bakery be read-only?

Development is going very smoothly right now, but we're not ready to give an estimate on when users will be able to create releases themselves.

Feedback & suggestions

If you have feedback or additional questions not covered by this document, please post them on our Feedback & Suggestions forum thread.