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Mod Showcase / [Mod] Metal Arms in Springfield Remastered 1.21

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8 months ago · edited
I didn't feel like typing out an entire essay just to make a new post about the remastered version of Metal Arms in Springfield. So uh... I'm releasing it here so you still have access to the older mod. So what is this exactly? Watch the video and find out!

Metal Arms in Springfield is a one-level campaign mod starring Glitch from Metal Arms: Glitch in the System! Basically, it's Metal Arms re-imagined in the Simpsons world. You'll be riding a (turretless) RAT all over Road Rage Returns' Evergreen Terrace map. Unfortunately for you, I ain't spoilin' the plot. The best part of this mod is that it's not compiled, meaning you can go searching the files inside the mod with no trouble and see how I managed to do some of the unique things (such as randomizing the enemy spawn locations in the fourth mission)!

There are four difficulty levels in this mod just like in Metal Arms. At least I was generous enough to make an "Easy" difficulty.

When I initially showed the old preview, I sort of misled people by accident as I didn't intend to show most of the fighting segment(s) in the mission shown, so to live up to everyone's conjectured expectations, expect this mod to become slightly repetitive with those parts. Besides, Metal Arms has always been like that (in a good way).

There is a separate music mod that is used solely for MAISR, which I appropriately named "Metal Arms in Springfield Remastered Music." Though, this music mod can be used with other mods. The only problem with that mod is that it uses Level 2's RMS file, so if you use this while playing Mission 0, no music will play until you exit that mission.

I put perhaps too many things in this mod already for a one-level campaign, but at least I'm more impressed with this mod than with my abomination, Some Challenge Mod.

Metal Arms in Springfield Remastered 1.21 (No custom music)
Metal Arms in Springfield Remastered Music
Multiplayer build coming (if ever) soon... Seriously though, this mod isn't very stable, and it'll need some tweaking to get it function well in Multiplayer (that is if anybody even cares.)

Old Metal Arms in Springfield (Without the custom music)
Old Metal Arms in Springfield Music (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH REMASTERED MOD)

  • General
    • Edited some of the text for missions and some secret chips
  • BM
    • Traffic is now always the same on every difficulty
    • Homer's car is slightly heavier
    • Enemy vehicle stats are now determined by difficulty setting (Hard and Nuts of Steel are unchanged)

  • General
    • Added a setting to disable the Metal Arms styled main menu that may reduce the chance of crashing upon loading the level
    • Fixed menu borders not using separate images with sizes equal to powers of 2 (which caused some parts of the border to look like it's not properly connecting with the corners)
    • Fixed Secret Chip 4 using an outdated picture

  • General
    • Fixed the game attempting to play a line from generic Mils that doesn't exist when Glitch is using Scout's voice
    • Fixed Vlax not saying a certain line when Glitch is using Scout's voice
    • Fixed Secret Chip 5 using an outdated picture
  • M4
    • Removed several unnecessary respawn triggers

Remastered Differences

  • M5
    • The frame rate is now less likely to drop after re-entering the RAT
  • M6
    • Fixed the enemies on Normal using the catchup parameters for Hard difficulty
    • Easy difficulty used Normal's catchup params, so the params for Easy were nerfed too
  • M7
    • Fixed the enemies using incorrect stats on Normal (should be easier now)

  • M4
    • For the sake of keeping a more consistent difficulty in this mission, the spawn-location randomizer is less random in some waves as some random patterns were significantly harder than others. This was very noticeable on higher difficulties. In fact, one of the patterns was impossible to beat on Nuts of Steel.

  • Game no longer uses the stupid collisions sounds
  • Added "Stupid Collision Sounds" setting which goes back to using those sounds
  • M2
    • Time is now added when an enemy is destroyed on Normal and lower
  • M6
    • Fixed weaker enemies on Easy having the same amount of HP on Normal
    • Fixed main target using incorrect stats on Easy
    • Main target has less HP on Normal and lower
  • MC2
    • Enemies are now slightly more dumb on Normal and lower

  • Fixed the numbers being slightly misaligned with the slash during races and collect-a-thons
  • The two optional vehicles are slightly easier to control


Uhh.... enjoy?
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8 months ago
this is in RRR mod dude how? lol anyway this is ganna be amazing!!
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7 months ago · edited
Yep, my polls from my other mod's post have migrated to this post...


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6 months ago · edited
Can you believe I actually released this? And I was just going to wait a few more days! Oh well, find the downloads in the post!

inb4 somebody reports a bug I was too lazy to fix.
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6 months ago
lol yay cant wait to play!!
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1 week ago
I think I wasted an entire life just to remaster this mod. In case you'd like to compare the two versions side-by-side, both links to the mods are kept.
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1 week ago
This mod is g8 m8 i r8 8/8
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4 days ago
I didn't want to mention this on the Discord as it would feel pretty spammy (considering it's just bug-fixing), but v1.2 is here for those who REALLY can't get the mod to work at all. This is the most I can do right now, but this mod is still prone to randomly crashing. (Has anyone's game even crashed a good amount of times upon loading the level?)
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