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I didn't feel like typing out an entire essay just to make a new post about the remastered version of Metal Arms in Springfield. So uh... I'm releasing it here so you still have access to the older mod. So what is this exactly? Watch the video and find out!

Metal Arms in Springfield is a two-level campaign mod starring Glitch from Metal Arms: Glitch in the System! Basically, it's Metal Arms re-imagined in the Simpsons world. Right now, you'll be driving a (turretless) RAT all over maps from Road Rage Returns. Unfortunately for you, I ain't spoilin' the plot. The best part of this mod is that it's decompilable, meaning you can go searching the files inside the mod with no trouble and see how I managed to do some of the unique things such as randomizing the enemy spawn locations in the fourth mission in the first level!

There are four difficulty levels in this mod just like in Metal Arms. At least I was generous enough to make an "Easy" difficulty.

When I initially showed the old preview, I sort of misled people by accident as I didn't intend to show most of the fighting segment(s) in the mission shown, so to live up to everyone's conjectured expectations, expect this mod to become slightly repetitive with those parts. Besides, Metal Arms has always been like that (in a good way).

There is a separate music pack that is used solely for MAIS, which I appropriately named "Metal Arms Music Pack." (Duh, what else would I name it?) Though, this music mod doesn't have any RMS files, so you'll need to create your own if you want to use these soundtracks in other mods.

I put perhaps too many things in this mod already for a two-level campaign, but at least I'm more impressed with this mod than with my abomination, Some Challenge Mod.


  • General
    • MAISMusic was replaced with the Metal Arms Music Pack Mod, which fixes themes switching back to their originally assigned themes for each mission and includes a few new themes even though most of them aren't used yet. This pack doesn't replace existing themes and is meant to be used in MAIS, but you can try to make your own RMS files to use these themes.
      • This music pack will ensure that players who already have MAIS don't have to download the same music pack over and over again when a new major update involving music comes out.
    • MAIS now requires the Metal Arms Music Pack.
      • This requirement may be removed in the future if I miss SHAR's themes long enough.
    • Added a new camera by the dam in Level 2.
      • This should make going up the dam much more bearable.

  • Story Missions
    • Nuts of Steel difficulty was made even harder (mostly Level 2 with a few tweaks for Hard difficulty). I did so much that I can't even list out everything!

    • L2M2
      • Added a new theme during the follow stage

    • L2M3
      • The theme now switches back to the first stage after the mini-boss

    • L2M5
      • Fixed the nuclear waste truck losing so much control (and the race was made much easier even on higher difficulties, including Nuts of Steel)

    • L2M6
      • Fixed the first truck full of explosives being able to blow up during the dump objective

    • L2M7
      • Added a death trigger in the sky

  • Characters
    • Glitch
      • Fixed part of his face being shaded the wrong way
      • Fixed his model floating from the ground
    • Droid
      • Fixed the model floating from the ground
    • Mil
      • Fixed a few details being assigned to the wrong joints
    • Vlax
      • Removed the extra details the other Mils had as he did not have them in the original game

  • Vehicles
    • Replaced the Ambush vehicle with a new one that is marked with a new texture (I thought it would fix a bug in L2M4, but it didn't.)

    • RAT (All Three)
      • Fixed the middle wheels not rolling when moving
    • RAT - Drifter
      • Fixed the brake lights glowing white instead of red
    • Sentinel Tank
      • Changed the stats to be a lot more realistic (it's much slower and easier to control)

  • General
    • Now requires Mod Launcher v1.17.2 for the mod to run
    • Fixed a lot of objects having a lot of duplicate vertices
    • Fixed the recruiter grenade missing a little piece of detail
    • Removed a few unnecessary spt files

  • Missions
    • L2M1
      • Adjusted a few waypoint locations to better hint where the next waypoint will be
    • L2BM
      • Fixed the name and description being severely incorrect
  • Characters
    • General
      • Updated CustomDialogueCharacterCodes.ini to use the updated method of sorting custom outfits
      • Used a different method for randomizing dialog
        • Long story short, this saves a lot of room for dialog.spt, and the way it was used for probability can cause the game to be more likely to crash.
      • Random dialog (such as crashing into another vehicle) is much less likely to play
      • Fixed many shading errors (They were very noticeable in the P3D Editor)
    • Mil
      • Fixed a bunch of details that were missing from the model (a lot of them required blending support, which is why you need to update to v1.17.2 for this to work properly)
      • Fixed a couple of lines not playing when crashing into something
        • These lines are rarer than the lines that are already used

  • Missions
    • L1M5
      • Fixed the frame rate dropping during the "getin" stage and onwards (HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN FIXED FOR A YEAR?!)

  • General
    • Fixed the flag image not showing up in the correct spot during the Wager Race briefing with the HUD arrangement set to 4:3
    • Updated font for the Mission Complete text and any other text that uses it

  • General
    • Preparations for a future update (IF it ever happens)
    • Released a Multiplayer Build (The single player build still works in Multiplayer, but this build makes traveling a lot easier.)
  • Characters
    • Glitch
      • New purchasable reskins
    • Droid
      • Fixed a line not playing when almost getting run over

  • Characters
    • All low-quality lines were updated to be higher quality
  • Vehicles
    • (This one contains spoilers, so I'm not stating what was changed here)

  • General
    • Fixed many characters and vehicles...
      • ...using flat shading instead of smooth shading
      • ...containing a lot of duplicate vertices in their meshes
      • This should make the mod a bit more stable
    • Fixed the Magnetic Wheel Race Car still being referenced in rewards.mfk (This shouldn't negatively affect your save files.)
    • Fixed hearing one of Colonel Alloy's lines when not using Glitch's real voice

  • Missions
    • Added an option to enable elapsed times during certain objectives (Disabled by default)
    • Edited some lines during conversations

  • General
    • New introduction movie THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE PREVIOUS UPDATE (You can switch back to the old one in Mod Settings)

  • Missions
    • L2MC2
      • Added a respawn trigger to prevent enemies from going out of bounds by..... riding up the wall?

  • Vehicles
    Updated the sound for badly damaged vehicles

  • General
    • Save files from the older version are not compatible with this version (see Vehicles section for the reason)
    • Added new pictures for the scrap book (previously could not do so because the images were using incorrect sizes)
    • Added a third option for Glitch's voice: NO VOICE

  • Missions
    • Changed Glitch's character icon to be less aggressive
    • Checkpoints during races use a new model (in some areas where required, the old checkpoint model was hard to see)

    • M3
      • Updated mission icon for the Det-Pack so it doesn't look like a dumb placeholder
    • MC3
      • Renamed to something else
    • BM
      • Fixed the "outofvehicle" time limit being way too low during the ambush stage

  • Characters
    • Glitch
      • Fixed him not doing idle animations

  • Vehicles
    • Added a new vehicle: S******* T***

    • RAT - Droid
      • Removed " - Droid" from the name to fix a bug with the initially selected vehicle in the Phonebooth in Level 2
    • Magnetic Wheel Race Car
      • (Reason for older save files not working in this version) Removed as it did not drive well at all on weaker computers. This was a very common problem when I used it in Level 2.
    • RAT - Drifter
      • Added an option to make its drifting more realistic, but less rewarding (Enabled by default)
      • (Another reason for older save files not working in this version) Due to the removal of the MWRC, this vehicle replaces it as the reward for the bonus mission

  • General
    • Replaced Pause text with the mod's current difficulty setting (originally just to remove the Pause text as it has been saying the wrong thing since the initial version and I meant to fix this a long time ago, but this has always slipped my mind)

  • General
    • Fixed some shameless grammatical errors in some of the text for missions and secret chips
  • BM
    • Traffic is now always the same on every difficulty
    • Homer's car is slightly heavier
    • Enemy vehicle stats are now determined by difficulty setting (Hard and Nuts of Steel are unchanged)

  • General
    • Added a setting to disable the Metal Arms styled main menu that may reduce the chance of crashing upon loading the level
    • Fixed horizontal menu borders extending past its corners where they normally meet)
    • Fixed Secret Chip 4 using an outdated picture

  • General
    • Fixed the game attempting to play a line from generic Mils that doesn't exist when Glitch is using Scout's voice
    • Fixed V*** (don't worry, that's not a curse word; this was to prevent spoilers) not saying a certain line when Glitch is using Scout's voice
    • Fixed Secret Chip 5 using an outdated picture
  • M4
    • Removed several unnecessary respawn triggers

Remastered Differences

  • M5
    • The frame rate is now less likely to drop after re-entering the RAT
  • M6
    • Fixed the enemies on Normal using the catchup parameters for Hard difficulty
    • Easy difficulty used Normal's catchup params, so the params for Easy were nerfed too
  • M7
    • Fixed the enemies using incorrect stats on Normal (should be easier now)

  • M4
    • For the sake of keeping a more consistent difficulty in this mission, the spawn-location randomizer is less random in some waves as some random patterns were significantly harder than others. This was very noticeable on higher difficulties. In fact, one of the patterns was impossible to beat on Nuts of Steel.

  • Game no longer uses the stupid collisions sounds
  • Added "Stupid Collision Sounds" setting which goes back to using those sounds
  • M2
    • Time is now added when an enemy is destroyed on Normal and lower
  • M6
    • Fixed weaker enemies on Easy having the same amount of HP on Normal
    • Fixed main target using incorrect stats on Easy
    • Main target has less HP on Normal and lower
  • MC2
    • Enemies are now slightly more dumb on Normal and lower

  • Fixed the numbers being slightly misaligned with the slash during races and collect-a-thons
  • The two optional vehicles are slightly easier to control


Uhh.... enjoy?

Still waiting for Road Rage Returns' Downtown map...
this is in RRR mod dude how? lol anyway this is ganna be amazing!!
Yep, my polls from my other mod's post have migrated to this post...

Can you believe I actually released this? And I was just going to wait a few more days! Oh well, find the downloads in the post!

inb4 somebody reports a bug I was too lazy to fix.
lol yay cant wait to play!!
I think I wasted an entire life just to remaster this mod. In case you'd like to compare the two versions side-by-side, both links to the mods are kept.
This mod is g8 m8 i r8 8/8
I didn't want to mention this on the Discord as it would feel pretty spammy (considering it's just bug-fixing), but v1.2 is here for those who REALLY can't get the mod to work at all. This is the most I can do right now, but this mod is still prone to randomly crashing. (Has anyone's game even crashed a good amount of times upon loading the level?)
Surprise! Another extremely pointless bug fix that should've been done since v1.0! As for the pointless feature I added, I just wished there was a better way to do this, because the way I did it increased the file size so absurdly for one very minuscule feature. I'm surprised the game even let me use ingamel1.p3d for replacing the Pause text, and I had to make several duplicates just so the text changes based on the difficulty setting.
Leak of the update no one asked for.

I wasn't going to this announce this AT ALL (like make it a completely unexpected surprise the second I release the update) because I'm sick of milking this mod in, but after a bit of thinking, this happened.
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