[Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher] Launcher not showing Mod list

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Windows 10. Nothing being run in compatibility mode. Able to launch simpsons.exe from the Lucas launcher. Game runs fine, but no mods. the Mods folder and Hacks folder are in the same folder as the Lucas launcher, on my desktop. I just don't get a checklist of mods/hacks. The launcher is a blank screen. I have reinstalled and restarted, I have tried compatibility modes for 7,8, and xp 2 ands 3. No effect. I'm a newbie, and feel like I am probably missing something basic here. The problem began after trying to run the game on a Samsung Galaxy using "remotr". Any help appreciated.
Have you restarted your computer recently? If so, that'd be a good idea.

Do you have screenshots to showcase?
I restarted after each compatibility mode change and again after clearing compatibility mode in both the launcher and the game. I also reinstalled the Lucas Launcher a few times but have not reinstalled Hit and Run. I can run the game directly or through the launcher, but without mods. I will forward a screenshot tonight when I can access the computer.
Do you have a Hacks and Mods folder next to the launcher?
Yes - Hacks, Mods and Launcher are all in the same folder. How do I attach a screenshot? Copy and paste a photo is not working.
Upload the image to imgur.com

Hopefully one of those works. Thanks for your patience!
I just uninstalled "remotr", restarted the computer, deleted the Lucas folder, restarted again, reinstalled the Lucas folder and still same empty screen as above. Earlier, I associated the lmlh and lmlm file extensions with the Lucas launcher application. Not sure if this is creating a problem now but the problem was there before I did this.
The mod launcher's hacks are just DLL files so associating them with the program doesn't really help anything.

This is definitely an unusual issue though.
Just tried a new download, still the same. I appreciate your time and efforts Lauren and Jake.