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Hello, I need help on the bonus cars, I am a novice modder and I can not find a way to change the bonus cars of each level, if someone knows how to do it please say me. Thanks. PD: I'm Spanish and I do not speak English very well, sorry
Hey, don't worry, your English seems fine to me. Let's start.

First, you'll want to get change the current bonus car. Depending on which level you're using they're in a different region file. Region files being these things.

I'm going to use level 1 as an example.

Copy over the file from


The file we are using for level 1 is l1r3.p3d, copy that to CustomFiles\art and then open it in the Pure3D editor.

The game handles the bonus cars differently than most would expect the game to, in the file, it is a type 3 locator. The locator has the same name as the car does in the files. In this case, the locator is called "rocke". To make it easier, we can just CTRL+F (or equivalent) and search for "rocke"

In the editor on the side, you should see something that looks like this:

The thing in question that makes it a bonus car is the box that's ticked that I've outlined, "free car", in the box next to it, is a reference to a car's filename. The car that you replace it with must be in the art\cars folder. To replace it is easy, just type the car's filename into the box and save. It will now show up in place of the car that was there before. Here's an example:

I'm going to replace it with the car for Homer, which you can substitute for any car you want.

I've replaced it with carhom_v and it should now show up in game.


Hope you could follow this. If you have any questions, just say.
Thanks, I have a question, in the Pure3D Editor at the time of saving the changes, it tells me that I need Direct3DX 9, am I going to need it if or what?
If I'm correct, the Pure3D editor needs it for quite a few features, so I'd say yes, you will need it.
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