Modding Community Cars Remastered Mod 1.0.1

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~~ About the mod ~~

Modding Community Cars Remastered Mod is a huge collab mod lead by Filipfff which includes 27 custom user made cars, 5 extra cars, all secret cars, 1 remade default car and 12 custom characters.
It is a remaster of an old mod made last year made by Filipfff.
If you want to submit a car, head over to discord and message me on my account Filipfff#4338.

~~ Custom Cars ~~

Custom cars included in this mod:
  • Cement Truck and Standard Kart (by Colou)
  • Black Fortune and Funky Cat SUV (by Filipfff)
  • Chase Sedan and FBI Sedan (by Gordon CMB, FBI Sedan by Jack for Gordon)
  • Ferrini (by Jack)
  • Phonebooth Car (by Jay_mate)
  • Nightcrawler (by Filipfff for Jiazji)
  • Demolition Derby Canyonero, Death Bus, Apocalypse Supply King and Pumpkin car (by MorganVain)
  • Spongebob's boat, Bulldozer and Bikini Bottom Bus (by Nightbane)
  • EggMobile, Funky Blue Sedan and WahRocket (by Mihai "RSP" Ficiu)
  • RAT, Ty Kart Blue & Red and Megas (by Some Bot)
  • Chair (by Sparrow)
  • Rocket Warthog (by TheButterApple)
  • Jakal (by xUnknown).

~~ Extra cars ~~

As for extra cars we have: MCCRM, Donut Team, Buzz Team and Duff Team Formula and Audi TT Cabrio (all made by Filipfff, Audi TT was unused so I just fixed it and readded it to resemble real Audi TT Cabrio).
Roofed Family Sedan was made by Colou and almost all secret cars have random textures (ATV with random textures made by Jack).

~~ Custom Characters ~~

  • Sonic (by Nightbane for Jiazji)
  • Tails (by Nightbane, fixed by Filipfff)
  • Classic Sonic (by Mihai "RSP" Ficiu)
  • SquidBob (by Nightbane)
  • Glitch (by Somebot)
  • Ty (by Some Bot)
  • General Bart (by xUnknown)
  • Ghost Bart(by xUnknown)
  • Evie(by Sparrow)
  • Morgan (by MorganVain)
  • Mr. Plow (by Colou)
  • Detective Morgan Brown(by Colou for Gordon CMB)
  • Scout Trooper (by TheButterApple)
  • Lenny (for Jay_mate)

~~ Custom Music ~~

  • Phonebooth music - Club Penguin Pizza Parlor
  • Hit And Run music - Need For Speed Carbon Pursuit Music

~~ Cars and Characters Showcase ~~

These profiles show who contributed to the mod, cars and characters they submitted. Note: If a profile has 3 or more cars they will not show the name of the car.

~~ Additional Info ~~

Mods that go great with MCCRM:

MorganVain Contest: !CONTEST! - Apocalypse Car Contest!

~~ Multiplayer Event ~~

Multiplayer Event 25/06/2018:

~~ Download ~~

Modding Community Cars Remastered Mod 1.0:
Unavailable due to it being too big

Modding Community Cars Remastered Mod 1.0.1 (reduced size):
Mega Download (85,7 MB in ZIP)

~~ Have fun! ~~
Awesome work!
Released 1.0.1 version.
  • Reduced size due to there being unnecessary compiled files inside of the already compiled file.
  • Meta.ini tweaks
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