(SOLVED) Level 2 Mission Template

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Hello guys! so I'm making a mod for level 2, and I want to try and make custom missions, however, I question how to make players start at a certain point in the level & move their cars, what I'm looking for is basically a simplified Template, that basically looks like this & would show what it does before it; I would delete the text when I'm making it so no worries.

If this is possible that would be great :)
SelectMission("mxsd"); //name of the file without the "i"

SetMissionStartCameraName( "missionxcamShape" ); //found in the art/missions folder
SetMissionStartMulticontName( "missionxcam" ); //"x" is the mission number
SetAnimatedCameraName( "missionxcamShape" );
SetAnimCamMulticontName( "missionxcam" );

SetMissionResetPlayerOutCar("l2_bartwalk","level2_carstart"); //("player start","car start"), found in art/missions/mx.p3d, "x" being the mission number
SetDynaLoadData("l2z1.p3d;l2r1.p3d;l2r4.p3d;"); //part of the level you want loaded, found in the art folder

UsePedGroup(0); //ignore this

SetInitialWalk("level2_bartstart"); //if you want a walking animation at the start of the level
Thanks, But if the character is not bart, how does the
They're just way points found in the p3d file, you can name them anything. Make sure they're Locator Type 3, though.
InitialWalk will make the player character...well, walk yo the designated waypoint, but, be careful, character will go straight to the waypoint, ignoring collisions and meshes, i.e. if you place the character near the building, and the InitialWalk waypoint - behind it, the character will just walk straight into a wall
lol thanks for the information, but there is nothing regarding the vehicle position...
The vehicle position is determined by the second location of the setmissionresetplayeroutcar command

Thanks but one last thing, How do you change the character positions for NPC's and change the actual characters?
The positions you would need to go into the p3d file, find the location of the character then click on it and go to the spot you want them to be in game then click "from game" which will set the location to that spot

By characters i'm not sure what you mean but the player can be changed in the level (or leveli i forget) file
and the npc's you can just change the character in the command for example

AddNPC("milhouse", "m2_milhouse_1");

AddNPC("homer", "m2_milhouse_1");
I'm not sure if i was much of a help but this is as much as i know
I thought I explained the carstart thing pretty well.
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