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(Dl down since this is like an old mod and i deleted stuff from my mega) changes every soundtrack to marge_mission01b (this is the updated link)

(please report bugs on this thread as this is my first mod)

Known things:
Every level has marge's cues now
Main menu is not changed

Homer was the one who suggested this wonderful mod
I say this not because I suggested it, but because it rings true.
This mod is bound to be MOTY, a 10/10 masterpiece on par with Super Mario Bros. 2.
I think I've found the what might possibly be the best mod ever released on these forums!

Donut Mod 4 - Who cares about it?
Storm Over Springfield - 10/11 people don't know what that is.
Steamed Hams: The Mod - It's dead.
I updated this today by doing the following

-Fixed the shop music
-Fixed tutorial missions music
-Made the mod even smaller using path redirections
-Compiled it into a .lmlm file
(it is still decompilable)
(the main menu may be fixed soon)
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