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This mod changes the events of the game drastically, play an alternate ending to The Simpsons: Hit & Run fueled by Homer's immense laziness.

Note: After finishing the game, going "Resume Game" will cause a crash. The ending is too amazing for the game to handle, will not fix. (maybe will fix)

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Spoiler: Aftermath
Lisa fails science. Ned's possessions remain lost. Barney continues to crap in Ned's cooler. Homer was too lazy to go to work and gets fired from his job due to Smithers finding his scorpion farm. Bart gets a copy of Bonestorm II. Snake uses his fireworks to... uh... do whatever mischievous crimes he normally does. Dr. Nick's monkeys escape for good. Grampa continues acting crazy from the lack of blood in his system. Truckasaurus wreaks havoc all over Springfield thanks to the cell phone users and Frink accidentally activating it. The Sea Captain's fish are killed. Wiggum gets an even more abnormal craving for doughnuts. Grampa never gets his pills back and bites the nurses. The new and improved Buzz Cola becomes a massive hit and makes everybody in Springfield lose their minds and do unnaturally strange stuff. Apu's octuplets take their dumps in the hospital. Snake never finishes his "community service." The dino skeleton exhibit in the museum wreaks more havoc along with Truckasaurus. Krusty's promo for Buzz Cola makes the already popular Buzz Cola an even bigger hit. Snake's loose ends are never tied and gets him sent to prison once again. The millions of people who drank the Buzz Cola receive their laser guns and kill each other. Zombies rise up and get their own laser guns and kill the Simpsons and everyone else. Foolish Earthlings remains as the #1 TV show. Kang and Kodos become the most popular aliens. Smithers never finishes his errands. Spoiler End.
A couple of issues I'm having with this mod.
I honestly don't know if you are just really good at this game, but the mod is really hard. Like seriously, it took me about 7 hours in total to complete it (even had to use cheat keys). Plus the new altered storyline drags on quite a bit compared to the original.
Don't want to be that guy, but could you make the mod slightly easier for like everyone else playing it? because honestly, I've never played a mod that's this hard to complete.
Other than that, it's a pretty good mod. 7/10 overall and would have gone higher if it wasn't so hard.
Keep these small mods coming, Jake!
too much water
I genuinely expected the first mission would be Homer denying Marge's request to take the science project to Lisa and instead going on some random task that involves going to every Krusty Burger in town and eating every item on their menus.

It's a shame the mod's campaign is over in 30 seconds
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