Permanent Hit and Run Mod

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A new challenge mod that gives you permanent hit & run for the whole game. Adds a lot of challenge and comedy.

Watch LiquidWifi attempting it here

It is recommended you use the 'Starting Coins' hack to give yourself a lot of cash, as you will get busted a lot.

In order to not lose Hit & Run by getting busted, the game code must be modified. To achieve this the mod comes with a custom semi-hack file that performs the modified game code. As far as I know this is the first non-official Hack released, but it's pretty simple to use. The hack (and therefore this mod) are compatible with 1.23.4, 1.23.5 and 1.23.6 (not released yet), but not future versions (without an update).

I was initially hesitant to release this unsupported hack but have been encouraged to do so. Depending on the future this may pave the way for more extreme changes to the game. I would like to stress this is unsupported and can and will break in future Mod Launchers.

Download the mod here

Extract it to My Documents\My Games\Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.
You should have the mod file "HitAndRun.lmlm" in your Mods folder, and the "HitAndRunSupport.lmlh" within the Hacks folder (which is unlikely to exist beforehand)

The mod will automatically request the Hack starts, you can confirm with the Console it is running.

Also note the hack currently requires the NoCD 1.0 version to work (other versions are untested). Support for other versions may happen depending on the future of this mod (and its custom hack)
Impressive as always, hopefully this does pave the way to bigger and better things.