The Simpsons Hit & Run: HolyFuck (v1.03 Patch Release)

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Hey everyone, it's Ruby C L Malia, Director at TeamGay Games. This is a little something we've been working on for around 3 months. We hope you enjoy it. The textures, descriptions, and mission titles are destroyed beyond recognition. Included is a complete Level 1, and partially completed Levels 2 and 3. This is SHaR: HolyFuck v1.03.

Welcome back to Springfield! It’s a little different from last time you played, eh? Good. Here at TeamGay Games, we pride ourselves in ruining your favourite childhood games, to the fullest extent. Please enjoy a completed Level 1, with more levels to come!


(3/25/20)The Calamity Update is now in the works!
(6/3/20) The HolyFuck Hotfix 1.02 includes a Direct3D9 compatibility fix.
(6/3/30) The HolyFuck Hotfix 1.03 includes an actually working Direct3D9 compatibility fix. This patch also includes updated credits.

Please note, there are a couple things that will be fixed in v1.1 (The Calamity Update). We recommend saving your game after each mission.
For now, keep in mind that the game may crash if:
-You have a Hit and Run for an extended period.
-You open certain menus in the Scrapbook.
-You purchase/wear certain costumes (levels 2/3 only).
There may be unknown bugs in Levels 2 and 3, as they are not complete.
(Just included as a sneak peek.)

Please notify us of bugs we may have missed in the comments or at our twitter.

Content warning: Potentially sensitive content, such as tasteless images/jokes, some toilet humour. Do not play if you've had seizures (please).


Thanks, now i need therapy.
This mod caused me a great deal of intestinal distress. 10/10 would recommend.
Pretty funny for a meme lover. But a little disappointing that level three has only one mission playable and then its over.
Hope in the next update level three gets more missions and maybe a few missions for level 4.
What Is this?

Who i am ?

Who is Who?
Every time I press New Game and it finishes to Load the Level the Game Stops Working (Simpsons has Stopped Working). Pls Help
Disable the Direct3d 9 Hack under the Settings tab, I have however found the cause for the crash and told ruby
hey all, a newer new version with a few more fixes including D3D9 has been uploaded again!
wow interesting ◕‿◕ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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