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Hi. I come to report a serious bug in my game. I already had a previous error, which I reported in a post, currently removed by me, but I never knew it would apply to the game.

  • No character has eyes, except some, to which I had to return them manually. in mods too
  • All the characters that have their own car are invisible (snake, wiggum, cletus, etc)
How do I solve it??? Help me please, this is serious.
Is this without mods? If so, run the install verifier and tell us what the results are:
Ok. im going to test it

My Sad Results: F edition
Forwarding to Lucas, maybe he can take a look. At first glance I don't see anything wrong.
Okay. in the end, you are not as disrespectful as you say you are. I wait for answers. :)
Ok. I've been thinking the last 2 days, and I think I have the solution, and it's as simple as reinstalling the game (I still have the game DVD).
The best advice I have for you is a reinstall. Do not modify game files in the future. Make a copy of them and put them in a mod to make changes.
[removed]2 weeks
Finally, I have decided to reinstall SHaR, and it has worked.

All characters have eyes again, and secondary characters with predefined vehicles are visible again.

If any administrator sees this, do not delete this post, it may happen to another member with the same luck as me.

Thanks :)
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