Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: Ace Cashier [Public Release 1.1.1]

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Hey there! Gordon here
Today I want to present a little mod dedicated to our most beloved Hindu-coming-thru character - Apu!

The Story

A brand new day starts in Springfield. Doesn't seem like much is about to happen until something actually does happen - Kwik-E-Mart's fresh supply of premium quality beer, Duff Gold, was stolen in it's entirety!
The police is too lazy to investigate the matter, so they refuse to cooperate, and thus, Apu decides to take matters into his own hands and conduct a vigilante-like investigation
Will you help Apu discover the secrets behind the theft?

The Mod

The modification itself was inspired by, well, Ace Attorney series! And it features some elements from it, such as crime scene investigations, Homer The Detective-like witness testimonies, the evidence system and even the soundtrack from the games!
I didn't implement any of the Ace Attorney characters, or locations or stuff like that, that'd be weird, huh.

Anyways, enough talking, here are the screenshots:

And even a gameplay trailer!:

What are you waiting for? Go download the mod!

The modification is also available on Nexus Mods
I really like the idea of Ace attorney and Simpsons Hit and Run together. Both of which are games that I really like. I also like the use of the Fully connected map by Colou. I can't wait for this to be released.
Looks interesting
You should totally include, if possible, the red variant of the Longhorn from Road Rage. Maybe a road rage-esque bonus mission?
Looks really cool. Can't wait!
Great work Gordon!
P.s I like Apu's enthusiasm on his Kwik-E-Mart goods, I told you this before!
Post Update
The mod has been released!
Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the beta testing! :D
I just got the time to play it today. Absolutely amazing. As an ace attorney fan. I'm so happy you greatly merged, two of my favorite games ever.
Heads up! A new version has been released!
1.1 introducing:
Support for German, French and Spanish versions of the game (mainly makes the game not turn into a staring contest during dialogues)
A new music track during Hit & Run: Pursuit - Questioned
A new music track during credits: The Great Revival 2011

Also, I've added several other mirrors, such as Mediafrie and Dropbox. I've even uploaded the mod to Nexus Mods if you're interested in this kind of website
Anyway, have fun!
is there no bonus miisions or street races
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