[April Fools] Naked Marge

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Oh dear... It appears I have caught you trying to download a naked marge mod... April Fools
The jury has given their verdict and finds you guilty of unnecessary horniness of the 1st degree.
The Court Hause hereby sentences you to community service, you must go with Cheems and BONK all the hornies, weebs and coomers

You can adjust the Bonks Per Second and Remove the VSFX in the mod settings, I would also reccomend playing with flippable cars enabled for funnier results

Get Cheems' Patrol Car for free from Gil in level 1.

Download 1.0.1
Hello Duffhause,

Love your bonking Police car!
Unfortunately, it does not behave properly in Multiplayer. When I select the car from a phone booth, it gives an error right before it spawns in. After I click OK and get rid of the error, my friend who is also in the game gets the same error. I also will get the error when my friend spawns in the patrol car for the first time. The error will also occasionally appear when I first load into the game.

If there's anything else you need from me to fix it, just let me know!
Thanks in advance! :)
It seems I had made a typo when writing that script, can you please download 1.0.1 since this patch should correct it, Thank you for telling me

Also glad you like the mod :)
Very Funny men. I liked XD
[removed]1 week
Ha very funny dude cool mod XD
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