Tuesday Topics #25: The New Li'l Lightnin' and more!

Published by Loren , Borb

Learn about about the new Li'l Lightnin' model as well as some other stuff we're working on!


Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to another Tuesday Topics blog post!

This week, I am joined by Borb to discuss some totally rad stuff we're working on.

I'll let her begin: </div>

The New Li'l Lightnin

When I was trying to figure out how to start this, I suggested that I just start with random crap and then develop it further. This was taken literally by a certain individual who I shall not name, and they were disappointed that I did not, in fact, intend to begin this write-up with the words "random crap".

With that out of the way, today I would like to showcase a model I've been working on on and off since... September of 2019. Whoops. Numerous delays (at least one of those delays was Loren's fault so I take no responsibility) and roadblocks later, it's finally complete!


Bart standing next to the new Li'l Lightnin'!

I started this on September 20th of 2019, (before Mochapoke existed!) and managed this much in about an hour and a half.


An early version of the new model.

I continued working on the project intermittently for the next few days and eventually got the infamous off road variant imported over the red brick.


The model ingame, without textures and with snazzy Red Brick car wheels!

Shortly after that, I added that weird little thing on the front that was later dubbed the Glurbenschmeiler.


The Glurbenschmeiler.

Somewhere along the way, I made two versions of the lightning bolt texture based on two different designs from the episode. (I'd actually forgotten I did that in all honesty)


Two different lightning bolt variants that were considered.

More recently, when Loren was testing it for inclusion in Donut Mod back in January, an issue with the camera that would occur on certain ramps was uncovered and existed for over a month before I could actually bring myself to resolve it. Eventually however I did and shortly thereafter I was able to start finalizing some other aspects of the car such as:</p>

  • Finally finding a way to justify the car smoking via a damaged battery!
  • And also the existence, and activation, of a horn in the form of a klaxon wired to the aforementioned battery.
    • Charged by the hamster wheel that was previously implied to power the wheels... somehow.


Inside the engine compartment.

In conclusion, a new Li'l Lightnin'! Coming soon to a Donut Mod near you, probably.

New Accounts Site Progress

Way back in Tuesday Topics #7, I discussed a roadmap for our web services.

The very first thing on that roadmap was the new Donut Team Accounts Site, a centralized place to create and log in to Donut Team accounts.

This week, I am happy to report I have made significant progress on this site and the various Donut Team API endpoints that power it. There is still a lot to do but the ball is finally rolling!

Additionally, it has been decided that this site will also be the new home of Donut Team user profiles. This decision will untie profiles from the forum and allow them to exist on their own, separate from any of our web services.

These new user profiles will be inspired by the current DT Forum profiles with some key improvements and new features. I'm not quite ready to discuss specifics yet but I hope you look forward to hearing more about this new site in future blog posts.


Thanks for reading another one of our Tuesday Topics posts! See you again next week.

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb thinks you should listen to this.