Posted by on 2022-02-22
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Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to another Tuesday Topics blog post!

This week, I'd like to talk about the new user profiles I briefly mentioned last week!

New User Profiles

As I talked about last week, I have been hard at work on the new Donut Team Accounts website.

In case you missed it: this will be a brand new, centralised place to create and log in to Donut Team accounts. It will also be the home of our new user profiles!

I've been hard at work on those in particular, as well as other new account features such as two-factor authentication, this past week.

I don't really have much else to say so I will let these screenshots speak for themselves:

My profile on the "About me" tab.

maz's profile on the "Badge collection" tab.

The Donut Team profile on the "Legacy releases" tab with the dark theme enabled.

We hope you're excited about these new profiles and I would love to hear your feedback. :)


Thanks for reading another one of our Tuesday Topics posts! See you again next week.

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb thinks you should listen to this.