by Loren

Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to another Tuesday Topics blog post!

This week, I'd like to talk about a change to Donut Mod's versioning scheme, a small update for it releasing today and also an extra experimental build with mission checkpoints!

Version Scheme Changes
by Loren

The first thing I'd like to discuss today is the new versioning scheme for Donut Mod.

Since we released Donut Mod 4 in public beta, we've used a versioning scheme that looks something like this: 4.0-L2PB10. The original plan was to keep using this public beta version scheme until Level 4 was released and save the 4.0 moniker for that.

However, with this version, we've decided to no longer consider the mod a "beta" and have, by extension, decided on a new version scheme that we believe makes more sense with our release structure.

That said, today's update ships with the version number 4.2.0.

This new scheme is semver-like, much like all versions of Donut Mod prior to the DM4 public betas, and each component of the version indicates the following:

  • 4: The mod's major version. This is unlikely to ever change again.
  • 2: The current level the mod is up to. This will be 3 when we release Level 3 and 4 when we release Level 4.
  • 0: The current update number. This will be incremented any time there is any sort of update, however large or small, that does not add a new level.

Now that that's out of the way, lets discuss the update!

Donut Mod 4.2.0
by Loren

The most notable change in this version is the brand new model for the Li'l Lightnin that @Borb created! We featured this a couple of weeks ago in TT25 and we're very happy to finally be releasing it!

Bart probably shouldn't be driving this inside...

This update also includes some neat improvements to other vehicles and also some new NPC outfits that can appear in Taxi Missions.

You can read the full changelog over on DT Docs and get the new update below.

Before you go, we also have a special experimental build of this version that I'm going to allow @Borb to introduce!

Experimental Checkpoints Build
by Borb

Once upon a time, Lorenzo Guggenheim, leader of Donut Team, tripped over his own shoelace and smashed his nose on the ground. As his nose began to bleed, Donut Mod 4 fell out!

Too scared of what his own nose had created, Lorenzo, or Loren for short, refused to add checkpoints. I, Borb, however, am not scared of the contents of Loren's nose and added checkpoints myself!

While I am unafraid of what comes out of Loren's nose, I am in fact afraid of testing checkpoints because game crashes are scary, so I am outsourcing that work to you, our community members! This *very* experimental checkpoint build, like the other build we're releasing today, contains the brand new Li'l Lightnin'! Unlike the other build, however, this is 100% more likely to crash when resuming from checkpoints because the other build does not have checkpoints!

I hope you enjoy these game crashes and the new Li'l Lightnin' model and please report any crashes in #donut-mod in the Discord server!

This experimental version can also be obtained from the Releases page.

by Loren

Thanks for reading another one of our Tuesday Topics posts! See you again next week.

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb thinks you should listen to this.