Tuesday Topics #65: Snazzy New Profiles

Published by Loren

Learn more about our new user profiles and some other minor stuff.


Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to another Tuesday Topics!

This week, I'd mostly like to talk about our snazzy new profiles that are really coming along!

Snazzy New Profiles

It's been a while since I've shown off our new user profiles but they are actually nearing completion and I'd like to offer another teaser for them!

I am working to build the best Donut Team profiles yet that allow you to truly express yourself. Here's a few examples of how they look so far:

Lucas' new profile

maz's new profile

Slurm Team's new profile

As you can see, the new profiles all come with a nice sidebar for navigation in addition to various showcases for your badges, forum topics and more.

Currently there are showcases for:

  • Your badges
  • Your forum topics
  • Your forum topic replies

I am planning to work on various additional showcases such as one for your Mod Bakery releases in the future. I also plan to allow you to customize the order of them and whether they show up at all but that isn't implemented just yet.

I'm sure you have also taken note of the large banner at the top. By default, this banner is simply an accent color for whatever your chosen profile color is but I also plan to allow you to upload custom banner images to fill this space.

P3DMerge Update

Josh / Proddy (somewhat) recently released another update for his P3DMerge tool and we've been meaning to mention it here.

It's a minor update with a few bug fixes and you can grab it now over at Mod Bakery!


That's all for this week. Stay tuned for another Tuesday Topics in the future!

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb wants you to listen to this and Mochapoke wants you to listen to this.