Departing from Donut Team
Loren replied to [deleted user]'s topic 5 hours ago
In 2016, three years after we started this project, I nearly called it quits. It took Loren and Kenny talking me down and finding more purpose in what we're doing. I do graciously thank them for that opportunity. Each release that we made brought me a lot of joy knowing that people were playing and ...
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Blender 2.8+: Weasel's Map Data Editor 2.1.5 - Blender solution for creating/editing Roads, Paths, Fences, Locators and more!
Lukas Obermeister replied to Weasel on a Stick's topic 14 hours ago
WMDE (Weasel's Map Data Editor) is my latest and biggest blender add-on yet. It's a Blender 2.8+ add-on you can use for editing Roads, Paths, Fences, Locators and more!
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I can't import a model
maz replied to Lukas Obermeister's topic 19 hours ago
I can't import a model from blender using this Addon:, the addon exports it as a .xml file but the Pure3D Editor wants a .p3dxml file
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Your favourite port of Simpsons H&R?
AshleyGamer1995 replied to their own topic 1 day ago
PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube or PC? Which do you like best? Some of them? Or all?
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Guess That's It
Thomas Donofri replied to [deleted user]'s topic 1 day ago
Hey there, Gordon here, and I've been planning to write this a long time ago
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How do i create a Type 14 Locator?
Lukas Obermeister replied to their own topic 1 day ago
I want to create a coin but i can't create a type 14 locator.
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Get Frinkfty - Coming Soon
maz replied to their own topic 1 day ago
These Simpsons crossover mods keep appearing out of nowhere. I think there’s a lesson here and I’m not going to be the one to figure it out. Anyway the Cromulons have been invading the Earth on none other than the Simpsons' universe & this looks like a job for no other than Professor Frink! Who the ...
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Donut Mod Roadmap?
Kenny Giles replied to skater's topic 1 day ago
So I just finished the donut mod, I thought it was really fun!.. and was just wondering if there was a release window for level 3 and 4, or at least like a progress report. If that's confidential then it's totally cool, I understand that you're a small group and you can take as much time as you want...
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In-game Costumes Issue
YaBoiJosh1 replied to their own topic 2 days ago
So there's a thing on my game that's occured which I've never encountered before. Basically I just started a new save a few days ago because I really wanted to replay the game again and I wanna go for the 100%, but for some strange reason I can already change into the different outfits... like.. the...
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Simpsons Hit And Run Map
TheNintendoFactory made this topic 2 days ago
I'm new in the modding community and I have searched a long time on internet to get the entire map of Simpsons Hit And Run because I'm not good for combined all parts exported by Lucas Pure3D Editor to put in a 3d edition program. So anyone can help me please? (and sorry for my bad english)
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Run Speed Modifier (Cheat Engine Table)
Surreal Bot made this topic 2 days ago
I found a way to change the running speed in SHAR. Now you no longer have to rely on Cheat Engine's Speedhack nor the PAL version of SHAR on GC for non-vehicular travel. Until Lucas makes this into a more convenient hack, you can use the table I made for Cheat Engine.
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The "SHAR: Mod Showcase" Board - Requirements & Changes
[deleted user] replied to their own topic 3 days ago
Today we're announcing new requirements for any new mod topic posted to the "SHAR: Mod Showcase" board.
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Homer³ Mod (1.0)
MAFFY replied to Muckluck's topic 3 days ago
The famous segment from Treehouse of Horror VI is now playable...kinda. Wander around the mysterious 3D world and marvel at the strange sights within.
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Pickle Mod - Rick & Morty: Hit & Run (1.1.3) + Lite version
JoshuaL2153 replied to their own topic 3 days ago
"Boom! Big reveal! I'm a Simpson! What do you think about that? I turned myself into a Simpson! W-w-what are you just staring at me for, bro, I turned myself into a Simpson, Morty. I'm Simpsons Rick!" - Rick Sanchez, probably.
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Donut Overdose Mod Version 1.0.2
AndrewHarris109 replied to their own topic 4 days ago
Hi, my name is Andrew Harris. And this is my 1st mod I'm making public. My mod is called "Donut Overdose Mod".
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