Winter Theme

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I hope everyone is having a happy holidays.

This texture pack adds a snowy theme to levels 1-7 and some cars, A special thanks to mazda cosmo of our modding group for adding custom meshes to some cars to make them more festive.

The team that contributed to this theme
AGuyNamedSteve - Textures
mazda cosmo - making new cars and adding meshes to existing cars
TheButterApple - scripter and playtester

Stay tuned for future updates :)

Click here to download

You did a great work here! Keep it up, guys
I couldn't play your mod cause the launcher gives an error:

"Could not load Winter Theme: Unexpected end of line found when loading an INI file."

Review INIs and see if there are any ends of line that are "wrong" for the launcher.
I really don't understand why the launcher gets crazy only cause it found a dot or a comma and prevents the interested mod from loading. Only cause a line ends up with one of them it doesn't mean that all the other things are incorrect.....
Anyway, Steve, your mod sounds really cool and I can't wait to play it!

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