The Simpsons: Hit & Run - The Complete Soundtrack (Download)

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...About time this popped up again.

Ages ago, using Lucas' tools, I converted the game's soundtrack to WAV, and then combined the Mission jingles with the mission tracks to create an "Unofficial" soundtrack release. People like it a lot, but understandably wanted some of the other tracks I purposefully didn't include (mostly the mission jingles), so I said I was going to update it.

...Ages later, here we are! This is it, the absolutely complete SHAR soundtrack composed by the talented Marc Baril and several other composers (who are properly credited in the tags). This soundtrack includes all of the main mission tracks you've come to know and love, as well as the mission jingles and unused tracks.

A huge thanks to Lucas Cardellini (as always) for creating the tools that made my job incredibly easy.

Download Links:

FLAC (Lossless)

Awesome :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
downloading it now :)

EDIT: I love the rhythm guitar on Bart's levels and the Lead. Marc Baril's work on Bart's music is partially why i began playing guitar. The soundtrack sends nostalgic shivers down my spine I LOVE IT!

and Wolves stole my Pills reminds me of Jerry Martins compositions for the Sims 1.
Here from Google search, downloading now, thanks so much for your time on this.
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@4mem6a So why make an account? Also what's confusing?
Thank you. 01-13. Weapons of Mass Delinquency - Avoiding Wiggum love that and more of this :D
Is all the in-game music meant to be 24khz?
The game only supports audio of that sample rate and since we are only able to get the music from rips, This is the best quality that is obtainable as of right now.
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