Night-Mod 1.0 Release

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A mistake that has been in development since August 2016 is finally going to see the light.

Here it is, Night-Mod! The final version of level 1, beta tested by possibly too many people, including...

  • Thomas Donofri
  • SuicuneWiFi
  • Sparrow
  • Mihai Ficiu
  • xUnknown
  • Death Button
  • Stoner_Simpson_72
  • Mouser


This mod has a very odd (and poorly implemented) story, keep that in mind. I'll explain it the best I can.

Homer finds Apu outside his house, and asks him for a breakfast burrito, when suddenly Apu acts erratic and insults him, causing a chase to ensue. After stopping Apu, Homer finds out that he seems to be brainwashed by none other than his own son, Bart Simpson! Homer sets out to find out what is going on with Bart, and stop him before he does any more crazy stuff that could destroy the town.


  • New Story
  • New Cars
  • New Billboards
  • New Costumes
  • New Wasp Locations
  • New Cards (and Locations)
  • New "Street Races"
  • Saturated Textures
  • Fitting Music for Each Mission
  • Lucas Memes
  • Licensed Video Games
  • Secrets


The game could crash randomly during mission 0, this hasn't happened in a long time, but I'm not sure if I've fixed it.

Here's some screenshots.

This looks so weird and interesting, I'm going to go try it out right now.
good job nightbane
i just mad gameplay of it, video will be up in 2 hours
Very nice mod
It crashes to me upon loading new game
[removed]2 years
Looks awesome. Keep up the good work :)
[removed]2 years
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