Snake's Summer - Version 0.2! NEW MISSION!

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Hey guys!

It's been almost a year since I've done any modding for The Simpsons Hit and Run, but I have a new project I've been working on for the past few weeks that I want to share with you all!

Introducing, Snake's Summer!

This mod features Snake as a playable character, with the missions revolving around him committing various petty or serious crimes in order to make money. Currently, three missions are available. The first one has you helping out Fat Tony with a minor heist, and in the second you're protecting your friend Bart Simpson from Principal Skinner, who's on the warpath because Bart skipped school. The third I'll leave for you all to see. Version 0.2 also makes changes to the previous two missions and other parts of the mod in general.

Note that by no means are any of these missions in their finished state. I encourage you guys to post feedback and help me make these missions and the mod itself the best it can be.


NOTE: This mod requires the Additional Characters Framework, which can be downloaded here.

Name = Max Walker
Notes = Lead Developer

Name = Steve Kirk
Notes = Music

Name = MorgainVain
Notes = Character Models

Name = Colou
Notes = Car Models

Name = Models Resource
Notes = Models

If you contributed to this mod and I forgot to credit you, please let me know.


This mod is awesome! Especially liked the tutorial mission with that "heist" mechanics, really good work
Keep it up!
this looks good keep up the great work :D
This mod is great so far. I'm not great at reviews but I just wanted to voice some praise for it.
When I try and download it, it says .ImIm cannot be previewed
You should have the option to download it once you're signed into Dropbox. I think.
Yep. Thanks it works! Can't wait to play it
Now I have the issue of clicking Launch and nothing happening.
I have the additional characters installed
Are you using Mod Launcher 1.18 or newer? The mod requires at least that version to run.
I click launch and nothing happens. Damn it
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