How to enter ANY vehicle!

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Always curious on how the computers cars work and that you can't get in?

well now you can with this one easy and simple thing to do!

No Downloads required!

Simply go to your Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher
go to the "Developer" tab
click on "Debug Test" then go to your "Mod Settings"
Go to the "vehicles tab"
Then Click on "Allow Entering Any Vehicles"
last thing! click on OK

*Be careful guys the game will crash if you get into any one Vehicles and then you start a mission and that car is needed!*
example: level 2 Bart "N" Frink if you follow the black van and when you find snake cruising around and take his car to race him with it the game will crash!

I also want to thank @DeepFriedBurger("Reading his Drive Pickup Truck Early") & @Gordon CMB (reading his messages saying he couldn't get into others car) for giving me this idea to type this up and help anybody out on how to drive undrivable cars
I respect your crediting of me, but this should be posted in User Created Tutorials, not Off Topic.
Interesting. I found this a couple of months ago when the Debug Test feature was introduced to the Launcher and I remember messing around with a few of the options in the vehicles tab (this includes the option mentioned above) and it had pretty interesting results, although I only tried a few story missions with few options enabled (L1M1 and L2M1) to test entering vehicles, in this case the Skinner's sedan. And the funny thing is if you manage to reach the sedan without triggering the objective (best done with vehicles chasing you option, so the sedan can reach you where you start the mission), then while controlling the Skinner Sedan, try doing the mission normally and then the Sedan will drive by ITSELF! This has funny side effects, like the race in L1M1 failing (as it's obviously programmed to fail if Skinner reaches school) and in case of L2M1, Skinner will try to destroy himself (I think).

Another cool trick is that in this way you can also get inside the police cars that chase you during Hit & Run but it's a bit harder to do. You must jump on top of a police car (while it will continue driving, try doing this in middle of road on a straight line), then quickly enter the vehicle and continue driving (if you slow down, you will get busted, even though you are INSIDE the car) and try driving around it, if you explode the police car, two things can happen. If the Hit & Run meter is gone, then you will jump out of car normally but if it's still flashing, then the camera will briefly change to a newly spawned police car that will chase you, while then it changes back to where you jumped out of the previously destroyed vehicle, it's a bit complicated to explain but I hope you understand what I mean there.

When I have more free time, I will try to test more this option and share more interesting stuff about the game. I may even try this with a couple mods to see the funny results.
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