The Simpsons: Mystery Incorporated (v1.1)

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The townsfolk of Springfield are being terrorized by the ghost of Jebediah Springfield. The Simpsons have only one group of people, and their lovable mutt, they can turn to: Mystery Inc.! Join Shaggy and the rest of the gang as they uncover the mystery that's haunting the town!

Special thanks to Heavy Iron Studios for creating the models and Sonic-Konga for ripping the models from Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights!

Gameplay footage:


Version History
  • Quad Bike replaced with The Lochness Monster Machine
  • The Mystery Machine is faster
  • Shaggy's Tractor is easier to turn
  • Shaggy now sits lower in The Magnet Car
  • In Mission 5, a "get in vehicle" objective has been added after eavesdropping on Willie and Skinner
  • The music now changes when you start racing Willie in Mission 5
  • Mission 6 is now a lot easier
  • A tick shows up now when you finish Mission 7
  • The Wager Race now has a new objective
  • Bug fixed in the Bonus Mission where the camera wasn't in line with the dialogue
  • Elementary School interior changed
  • Certain cars shared the same name as cars in the original game and have now been given their own names
  • The Costume Shop shirt has been retextured
  • "Wasp Cameras" text changed to "Witches"
  • Unnecessary files have been deleted for space
  • Now decompilable!
  • Initial release

Known bugs:
  • The Mystery Machine doesn't repair when collecting wrenches, this is due to an unfixable bug from how the game loads default vehicles. The solution is calling a different vehicle from the phone booth, calling The Mystery Machine again and collecting a wrench on foot.
  • Occassionally, Homer and Shaggy won't appear at the end of Mission 2.
  • For some reason, Jebediah's ghost disappears when you repair your vehicle in Mission 3, and causes the game to crash.
  • When asked to buy Shaggy's Tractor for Mission 6, the message will initially display wrong, but looks fine in the pause menu.
  • Shaggy's Tractor is notoriously hard to handle and plays into the difficulty of Mission 6.
  • Ghost Shaggy's preview will look off due to its transparency, but looks fine in gameplay.
  • Lights will flash on Jebediah Springfield's boat from certain angles.
  • The Ghost Ships in Captain Redbeard's challenge won't show up until you restart the stage.
  • Ghost Ships will show up randomly as parked cars, despite not being part of the default Traffic Group.
Good Job Nathan!!, very orginal
[removed]1 month
I love it

On another note I’d useThis car sound tutorial if you’re having any sound problems
The Simpsons: Mystery Incorporated is finally out! Let me know if you guys want a Level 2 :)
It's out? That's cool, will probably check it out
Nice work, Nathan!
[removed]4 weeks
Real nice work there Nathan,Keep it up. I especially liked what you did with the wasps.
Trying it out right now; great job! :)
Hey guys, just a heads up that the mod can't save. It's a weird bug where the game can't create a folder with a colon in it (since the internal name has one). Once the download link is back up, the problem's fixed. In the mean time, don't make too much progress. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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