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I was watching a video of olivercomet that was already excluded from youtube in which he changed the chars (the characters) during the story of the game, is this really possible? I'd love to know how you do it.
In order to do this, you need to enter a Cheat Code that it exclusive to the PC release of the game. In order to enter said Cheat Code, the currently loaded Save File must be 100% complete. Go to either Options menu in the game, hold F1 (and FN if your Desktop uses the F KEYS as shortcut keys) and press DOWN ARROW, DOWN ARROW, DOWN ARROW, LEFT ARROW. Note: If you wish to enter this in the Main Menu's Options menu, you need to have the "Bug Fixes" hack enabled in the Mod Launcher, or else the game will crash. Now that the Cheat Code is activated, you can change your character skin to almost any other found in game by pressing the key/button that you have mapped to KICK while standing. If you want to actually KICK, you'll have to JUMP-KICK or GROUND-POUND.
thank you very much Mr. Burger BUT the "FN" button exist?
The FN key should be located on the left side of the keyboard, to the right of CTRL, or at least that is where it is placed for me. Holding this key while entering Cheat Codes is only mandatory if your Desktop uses the F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, and F12 keys as shortcut keys.
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so I need to create a shortcut key for simpsons hit and run?
No, you don't. Just hold FN if needed, along with F1 and enter the code.
The FN key is exclusively used on laptop keyboards, so if you have a desktop PC you most likely will not have one. It essentially just allows you to use the function keys (F1, F2, etc) Most laptops use the function keys for things like changing volume, so in order for other programs to make use of them you need to hold down FN. Holding FN on a laptop works just the same as simply pressing a function key on a regular keyboard.

To enter cheat codes you just need to hold down F1 and enter the required button inputs. Hope this helps.
ohhh, i understand, thank you very much gentlemens. The annoying thing is that the kick is disabled. but no problem...
Result: The key that changes the chars is the key that you set up for the character to give a kick! now i get it thanks
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