Futurama: Hit & Run - Coming soon! - Roles available!

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It has been a long time since I've engaged with this community, but today I have a new project to announce, alongside some free development roles for people to fulfill if they want to be a part of this mod.

I present to you Futurama: Hit & Run, which is a Futurama spin-off of the classic Simpsons video-game we all know and love, featuring Fry, Leela, and Bender; in their own respective levels. Travel around New New York, explore Omnicron Persiei 8, and drive around in style in futuristic hover-cars.

This is of course a very ambitious project and I am willing to make this a collective effort that the community can contribute towards.

Developers needed!
Since this is going to be a hefty 3 level project (Each level completed gets a release), with new scenery, textures, cars and characters, i'm going to be holding open some spots for people who are willing to work on this project alongside me. Here are the roles i'm looking for in particular:

- A 3D modeler who can create cars accurate to the show Occupied
- A 3D modeler with an eye for futuristic tones, particularly with buildings. Occupied
- A 3D modeler who is experienced in creating terrain. Occupied
- Graphics Artists and Texture Artists Occupied
- Musicians Occupied
- Mission Scripters Occupied
- Plot writers
- Somebody who is experienced with ripping assets from PS2 games.
- Animators

Current developers
- willj99 (Project Lead & Lead Scripter, Textures, Writer)
- Thomas Donofri (Writer and Scripter)
- DeepFriedBurger (Scripter)
- iamelmahdi / Super King (Musician)
- Ozzel (Architecture Modeller)
- Gordon CMB (Scripter)
- Nathan Steel (Character Modeller, Rigger, Writer)
- jay_mate (Map Designer, Modeller)
- Nate56mate (Writer)
- Nightbane (Character Rigging)
- The_bru_pod (Architecture Modeller, Concept Artist, Textures)

This sounds amazing, looking forward to this mod!
(I can also potentially apply for either a scripter or writer, or both, idk. Won't be extremely active though)
You've got my full support for this mod, Will! : )
I can be a writer. My scripting days have been long done but I'm certainly up to write.
Sounds good guys, I'll contact you all on discord soon.
I'm up for being a scripter.
I will kindly take up the role of plot writer
Will, It has been a very long time since we heard from you last time! WeIcome back!
I'd be happy to be the mod's artist. I am very good with creating front end, skyboxes, and graphics in general.
Glad to see some keen developers, if you want to join the dev server and get access to the shared GoogleDrive folder contact me on discord, my name and tag are willj99#4306.

If you're already in the Donut Team discord, you can easily find me there in the member list.
Yo man, I've already got a punch of character p3d files if you want them.
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