Idea Dump for Hit and Run Custom Map Locations

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Hi guys,

With the map builder looking like it might be coming out fairly soon, I created this thread to start a running list of ideas for locations/landmarks in custom maps. Since not everyone watches the show a lot, I thought this would be a nice resource for thoughts on what to fill those maps with. I know one could just go on the Wiki and look for locations but this is probably more filtered and convenient (let me know if you disagree.)

I'll start this off by suggesting the O.K. Car-ral, aka Canyonero dealership (Marge Simpson in "Screaming Yellow Honkers").

Great place for a car vendor, and you could potentially modify the traffic in the lot area and make all the parked cars Canyoneros.

Try to include an image if the location is taken straight from show material; imagined locations are fine to post here too.

I think it would be nice to recreate a Springfield from a game "The Simpsons Virtual Springfield". Here map is much more opened compared to one in SHAR.
I'd really like to see a version of the Burns Transit building that's fallen into disrepair.
Image isnt that good, just kinda found something quick, but Shelbyville. (could probably be a new layout with some copied and pasted buildings that are retextured from the original game like the school and kwikemart/speedemart, since thats basically what Shelbyville is, a similar version of springfield with almost the same locations but slightly altered)

Here are Some Places I would like to see Made into the Game

Springfield Downs

Springfield Mall
Would be Awesome if you could drive Through the Mall

Springfield Coliseum

North Haverbrook from Marge vs the Monorail. the town would later fix it self up from its prior financial disaster, and would even reappear in a modern episode

entrance sign with surrounding wheatfield:

Central plaza:

Monorail ruins:

North haverbrook courthouse:

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