Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.12 Released (Required For The Trick Or Treat Mod)

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We have just published a new version of Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Mod Launcher on our tools page of our SHAR Mods website. It introduces new features to already existing hacks and fixes to the launcher and hack support. The new version is required for the Trick Or Treat 2015 mods to work.

Download it from the SHAR Mods tools page.

Launcher/Hack Support
- Changed the description of Hack Support in the Launcher's settings window.
- Removed the Large Icons checkbox from the launcher Window. You must right click the mods list instead now.
- Moved Game EXE Path, Browse..., and Show In Explorer to the Advanced tab of Launcher Settings.
- Moved the Disable All button and the Reload button to the top right of the Launcher window.
- Removed the Launcher Settings... button, renamed Open Folder... to Open..., moved it to the left and added a Launcher Settings... menu item to it.
- Fixed a bug where a message saying "The game was terminated while Hack Support was initialising." would appear if the Game's CD Check failed.
- Made the Launcher check for updates at startup.
- Made the "Non-mod Hacks" tab on the Launcher Settings window include mod hacks that are also resource require, always enabled or launcher require hacks.
- Made the mods list refreshable with F5 and Control+R.
- Added a ConflictingHack property to the Miscellaneous section of mods to suppress always enabled hacks.
- Added a Hidden property to the Miscellaneous section of mods to control if the mod defaults to being hidden.
- Made the "Non-mod Hacks" tab on the launcher settings window exclude advanced hacks (Lua Support and Hack Support) by default and added a right click menu item to toggle them being included.
- Fixed a bug on the Additional Mods Folders tab of the Launcher Settings window where if you added a new mods folder with the last mods folder in the list selected, the "Down" button was still disabled until selecting another mods folder.
- Made the Resolution combo box on the Launcher window use × instead of x.
- Fixed a bug where the "Copy Require Line" right click menu item on frameworks used "RequiredMod" instead of "RequiredFramework".
- Renamed the "None" category to "None/Hack Support".
- Fixed a bug where the option to show compilable mods was available when in a category that doesn't support compilable mods when the category was remembered from the last time the launcher was open.
- Added a Decompilable property to the Compile section that allows users to decompile the mod when right clicking on it in the mods list.
- Added an option to only show decompilable mods when right clicking on the background of the mods list.
- Added a MinifyPNGs property to the Compile section that defaults to on (as was the previous behaviour) if the mod is not decompilable.
- Added a label to the "Non-mod Hacks" tab of the launcher settings window that says "Hover over a hack for more information."
- Fixed a bug where settings weren't saved when deleting values (such as when unticking mods) when using Settings.ini.
- Removed " and mods" from the message shown if errors occur when loading the hacks for the settings window.

Lua Support (Hack)
- Added this hack (which uses Lua 5.3.1).
- Made CustomFiles use this hack (instead of Lua 5.2.3).
- Added the utf8 library to Lua.
- Added the coroutine library to Lua.
- Removed support for compiled Lua files.

CustomFiles (Hack)
- Added various Console Output messages.
- Now uses Lua Support Hack (Upgrade from Lua 5.2.3 to Lua 5.3.1).

No Automatic Saved Game Load (Hack)
- Added. This can be ticked in the Mods list. and it prevents the game from loading your most recent save file.

Cheat Keys (Hack)
- Fixed a bug preventing the 6 key from working in the bonus game.
- Added the category Cheat Mods.

Replayable Bonus Missions (Hack)
- Added. This can be ticked in the Mods list. This hack makes bonus missions replayable, mods must add specific support for this to Level Load and Initialization files for this hack to work properly.

Multiple Instance Support (Hack)
- Made this hack hidden by default in the Mods list.

No Fast Car Reset (Hack)
- Made this hack hidden by ddefault in the Mods list.

Modern Resolution Support (Hack)
- Made any arbitrary resolution specified in simpsons.ini work when using Windowed mode.
- Made 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200 not listed unless supported by the user's computer.

No Jump Limit (Hack)
- Made it possible to stomp.
- Added the category Cheat Mods.

Custom Dialogue Character Codes (Hack)
- Added. This hack can be required by mods. Allows mods to add, change or remove dialogue nongeneric outfits and character codes.

Custom Car Shop Support (Hack)
- Added. This hack can be required by mods. Allows mods to specify custom car shop NPC names and car shop dialogue names.

Flippable Cars (Hack)
- Added. This can be ticked in the Mods list. This allows cars to flip over.

No Time Limits (Hack)
- Added. This can be ticked in the Mods list. It disables all time limits in Missions.

No Traffic (Mod)
- Added the category Cheat Mods.

Repair Car On Reset (Mod)
- Added the category Cheat Mods.

Loren Goodwin
Flippable Cars and Replayable Bonus Missions are like two dreams come true!!! :DDD (I only wished my Ultimate Challenges in my mod were something else though since they were designed to technically be replayable...)

EDIT: Well, there's a side effect to the Flippable Cars hack. It seems the A.I doesn't ever seem to reset itself once it flips completely upside-down on the ground...
You can require Replayable Bonus Missions the same way you require any other hack if you want to always have the Bonus Missions replayable in your mod.

The hack itself makes it replayable after reloading the entire level, but you can tweak the levels mfk files to make it replayable straight away as well. That's probably what you want so let me explain it.

You probably want to suppress the character from being a driver in the level's level.mfk since they'll always be present in the world ready to give you a mission:

Now to tweak the character to actually always give you the mission, like the street races do. Simply take this line of code in the levels leveli.mfk:
AddNPCCharacterBonusMission("cletus", "npd", "bm1_cletus_sd", "bm1", "exclamation", "jug", 1, "exclamation_shadow" );

And tweak the 1 to be a 0 and remove "exclamation_shadow":
AddNPCCharacterBonusMission("cletus", "npd", "bm1_cletus_sd", "bm1", "exclamation", "jug", 0 );

Do that with any bonus mission in your mod and you should be good to go.
To add to Loren's post, "exclamation_shadow" should also be deleted if you're going to make this a required hack in your mod. The reason being is that "exclamation_shadow" seems to cause the graphic above and below the Bonus Mission NPC to bug out. If this is removed completely, then it'll behave just fine.
Edited my post to reflect what Kenny said.
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