Apu's Adventure Mod!!!!!!

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Just kidding! I'm not making a mod about Apu. If you're actually reading this, then good. Because you're not one of the kids who don't ever read the main posts of any thread. All those kids do is...
  • ... ask for download links for mods that the creators intentionally removed
  • ... ask for download links for mods that clearly aren't ready (or never will be ready in the case of creators who have been inactive for 6+ months)
  • ... ask when a certain mod will have the next level ready even though the creator said that the mod is officially finished or discontinued
  • ... ask dumb questions that already have answers

By the way, the download links are fake. Don't worry. The sites I linked don't exist.

If you don't get why I made this, people have been bumping old mod threads without any prior knowledge of what happened to the mod. They just assume it's still being worked on even though the creator has already implied that it will only have X levels, it's never going to be finished, or the creators are never returning to the project due to inactivity from the forum. I just want to see if new users will actually believe I'm making an Apu mod without reading what's going on first. Yes, it's clickbait. But seeing how much more smarter this community has becoming everyday, I can't say I regret doing this. Anyway, let's see who took the bait in the comments.

Download Links
[deleted user]7 months

l e t s g o t o p l a y f o r t n i t e
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how to download some challenge mod is mega and mideafire and dorpox
The download link doesn't work
You fools, there's no download because the mod is obviously in the beta state! Read the title
I can't believe we are actually mocking these jokers.
Excellent mod, Some Bot. Although some missions were a little unsatisfying I still thought the story was perhaps one of the best out of any of the campaign mods available. The custom character models could've been better but the vehicles were A+. If I had to make a recommendation for future updates, I'd say you should put skulls on Apu's car, that could be very cool.

10/10 would download again.
great mod lol
I can't believe you guys found this mod to be a masterpiece. Especially considering I forgot to add the music pack for it. Now try out the mod again this time with the intended music.

As an apology for forgetting this simple action, I've totally released some of the assets from my mod that you can freely use in your other mods. No credit needed!
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