The Simpsons Hit & Run: Pickle Mod (1.1.3)

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"Boom! Big reveal! I'm a Simpson! What do you think about that? I turned myself into a Simpson! W-w-what are you just staring at me for, bro, I turned myself into a Simpson, Morty. I'm Simpsons Rick!" - Rick Sanchez, probably.

Strange green portals have appeared all over Springfield! A crazy scientist and a young boy have broken the Simpson's universe and caused a paradox or two. After the last invasion, things almost went back to normal in Springfield but now the town has been taken over once again and this time not just by Aliens. Some events of the past seem to be repeating but not exactly as they did before... Familiar faces are showing up all over town and now you must help them track down the REAL Bart Simpson and end this crazy cartoon nightmare!

Hi everyone! This is a crossover mod with loads of changes including new characters and content from other animated shows such as Rick & Morty, Futurama, South Park and more. This mod features:

- Immersion breaking!
- Tweaked story missions
- Modified versions of all 3 maps
- New dialogue
- New vehicles
- New enemies
- New music
- New gags and Easter eggs
- New custscenes
- New loading screens
- Over 200 character costumes
- Collecting Pokemon cards like it's 1999!

1.1 Update:
- Level 4
- New vehicles and costumes
- New main menu theme
- New 3D icons
- New sound effects
- New Dark type Pokemon cards to collect
- Rebalanced missions
- Lots of bug fixes!

Trailers & Gameplay:


"It's like a good team protix mod." - Duffhause

"funniest shit i've ever seen." - xUnknown

"Overrated." - MACCA


Nice job with the "Bart hits Homer with a chair" billboard. Great idea!
[removed]9 months
This looks really interesting, can't wait to play it.
Looks awesome man, please update us!
Looks great!
Updated post and added better screenshots. Mod is now in the hands of testers, good progress being made, release date is still TBA.
From what i understand, this is a Adult Swim crossover mod
@nate56mate Absolutely, and some others!
kent brockman stole arnie pye's job, their rivalry has come to an end
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