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    I'm going to respond the community factor in this because you asked for it to be addressed. It is perfectly acceptable for you to criticize us, we don't hold that against you or any other user. And while we have had our shortcomings, the reality is we've explained all of this to the community time and time again.

    During the last couple of months I've either DMed or asked publically about some favours and just had questions in general, they were ignored
    If you're referring to individual members, they do not owe you anything. If you're referring to staff, you know that we always try to respond but due to sheer volume if it isn't sent to us directly, we may not see it. There are many staff members who have stepped aside as well and DM'ing them will not usually result in a response. You know who those people are and its been blatantly apparent if you don't know.

    Let's put minor stuff and selfishness aside, a couple of people also wrote some articles for the DTdocs, which haven't been tampered with for a very long time, and despite several articles being sent - only a couple is online. There is no way to know the "status" of the article or anything, and despite user written articles being encouraged - it's been a long time since those files were submitted. This is a point here because people spent their own time on updating something that could be very useful for newcoming modders, yet it seems they weren't even considered
    Well, we were working on a process to submit all of this stuff in a more standardized way. User written documentation is encouraged to a point. There's for sure more we could do, but it isn't something that is standardized.

    Then, I should also probably mention how a separate Community Health document was in the works after the CMGate incident. It contained general information about the drama, how the staff responded and what will happen after it. TYI, the drama occured a year ago, yet the document itself wasn't even finished, let alone posted, that sounds really weird
    Because with each day that passed, the information became less and less valuable. At some point, new drama occurs and we have to re-evaluate the entire doc. Its not like this was a war and we're now teaching a history class. Its a battle that continually will exist with or without you around and that battle is constantly evolving. There's a reason why spam protection has to be updated every day, because it doesn't stop changing.

    so why censoring The Stoner Team? I get that they aren't really great in behaviour-related issues, but no one deserves to be censored if they aren't literally talking about nazis or something
    That censored text is literally ending today. But the reason it existed was because users were using it in a malicious manner. I've explained this numerous times and I genuinely can not believe that I'm having to explain it again. Not to mention, this is a modding community for a children's game. And I know we can go back and forth on this, but the word "Stoner" is something that really doesn't have a place here either.

    Edit (3:00 PM ET): This censored text was removed from our text bible at 3:00pm on August 1st, 2021 as planned.

    If the person who mainly runs the thing continues to act out and not follow community guidelines, then don't expect us to respect their team name, especially when its being used in malicious manner during their ban. If you hadn't noticed, you also can't say J***** B** for the same reasons. It invokes anger and frustration in a lot of people because of the malicious nature of the name.

    only a singular member 'broke' some rules, to my knowledge, so censoring the team in it's entirety is a bit of an overkill
    When more than half the team has bans on record and some just now expiring. Not to mention clear signs of vote manipulation, no it isn't.

    The second side of the censorship is it's absence you could say, I find it funny how during June, a lot of time was dedicated to LGBTQ+ Promotion on the website, basically using it to their advantage with these pronouns, rainbow logo, etc, yet there is a certain transphobic, racist homophobe within the community, I'm not calling out any names, but be aware that this person exists and they make mods. Now, I'm not advocating for attacks, but this behaviour is intolerable, and we've tried to solve this issue by reporting tons of material against them, but it's apparently still being investigated months later. You took the CMB Union within a day, but can't ban a single person for months?
    Its almost like you don't know what we've found and continue to find. This has been an internally discussed for a long time because we're stuck on the fence of how to handle it. I can tell you that things they were to be involved in have been cancelled. I can tell you action will be taken, but to what extent is the problem at this point. You of all people have given us so much s*** for using things in another community/server to take action, but you continually press the issue without the context of what we know. I'd gladly tell you if it wasn't a legal nightmare to just say in a public forum. Informing my moderators about this situation created worries of how that knowledge can be abused.

    Now, I'd address the elephant in the room, DM4, the map builder and other 'detained' projects, but everyone knows at this point. I have no doubts that they're coming in eventually, keyword, eventually. And yes, I do understand that literally everyone but me has families, work and other things to attend to besides the community, but to be fair, you've created this community and are moderating it, you kinda have to attend to it too, and if you can't - assign some folk to help.
    We have assigned people to projects and have mentioned this in status updates, announcements and just off-hand in chat. Not to mention, I've explained literally everything about these projects many times. Even the other day!

    And people's constant bickering about it is part of the reason that these things aren't out today! I can agree, time management has been horrible and then feature creep has also really played a factor in how bad these things are done. You have the ability to walk away from this, we don't. You can argue that its something we can do, but the community's success relies on the team that created it. If we let another team take over, do you think this would ever truly be the same as earlier DT or better? I think not.

    Although, I've got to admit, constantly promising that it'll be out by the end of the year wouldn't have been better, and that's a plus, if you're not sure - don't promise anything
    And yet we haven't promised a release date in quite some time. I can fully admit when we're wrong and have done so many times.

    The way we operate isn't the best, in fact its pretty f****** bad at times. But unfortunately due to circumstances within the team and how this community was created, it is not something that we can just assign more people to for a fix.

    I have gone to bat for this community several times in arguments with the team to just release this stuff even if its in a messy state. I am not blaming anyone else in the team, but you're right, we should be fulfilling those goals more often. However, the way you present these complaints is what annoys the ever-living-s*** out of us. It makes us feel like we owe you something when we most certainly do not.

    And before that, it was the fact there is an empty "Bear Claw team" board on the forum yet we couldn't have one despite releasing 4-5 mods (wheather the mods are to your taste is irrelevant).
    BCT is developing Road Rage Returns as well as other mods that will be released under the BCT x DT name. That's why they get their own board. The board was supposed to be privatized until it was ready to be announced, but unfortunately as everything else has been, things have been delayed. The day it showed up was the day we planned on announcing things, but oh well.

    If my words sound harsh, its because I'm tired of explaining this over and over again. Upvotes & downvotes to the bottom.
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  • Weasel on a Stick replied to Blender 2.8X/2.79: Pure3DXML skeleton converter
    Previously the add-on would freak out if you tried to delete/duplicate existing bone or add new ones when working with original SHAR rigs. (Previous update only worked with rigs made completely from scratch and I overlooked original rigs) Everything should be working as expected in version 1.9.3

    Happy modding!
  • Weasel on a Stick replied to Blender 2.8+: Weasel's Map Data Editor 2.1.5 - Blender solution for creating/editing Roads, Paths, Fences, Locators and more!
    2.1.5 Version released which addresses several bugs, inconsistencies, some QoL changes and also adds a brand new module! You can read what's new in this version on github

    Here's a video demonstrating how this module (in conjunction with my camera animation converter) can be used to easily make camera animations by just driving around the map
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    This is funny.

    Next up, a mod that just makes the first word the dialogue line
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