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Tuesday Topics #56: Some Cool New Tools

Published Dec 13, 2022, 9:00 PM by

It appears some things are ready to see the light!

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Hello everybody! This is the @The Butter Apple here with another Tuesday Topics!

Today, we have some exciting infomation on a couple tools! Both a proper introduction to a previously announced tool and a brand new one!

Jeff’s Map Creator

Right off the bat, I have a status update on Jeff’s Map Creator. Those of you who have read the previous Tuesday Topics blog posts may be aware that this project began just a few months ago during the summer.

Well, I am happy to announce it is now ready for an Alpha release! That’s right, as of today you can download this tool and start using it!

A SummonVehiclePhone locator in the editor.

Now, I would like to note this is an early work-in-progress so expect bugs or issues. If you do run into any bugs or have any feature requests please post them on the GitHub issue tracker as it’s the easiest way to bring them to my attention.

As this is a new tool, I also feel some documentation is in order. While it’s currently unfinished, please feel free to check out the GitHub Wiki for more information on how to use this tool. I’ll be updating that over time as well as working on getting some video tutorials out for it!

A view of some roads with a tree in the center.

While not perfect yet, this tool can be used to create simple maps and such! It also sports a user interface reminiscent of game engines that is designed to be intuitive to use.

I am excited to see what you all create and I will continue to work on this tool going forward!

The context menu for creating locators.

You can download this tool over on Mod Bakery and find more detailed information on GitHub.

P3D Merge

We’re also releasing a new tool created by @Josh / Proddy: P3D Merge.

This is a simple command line tool that allows you to merge 2 or more P3D files together. This is useful for all your P3D merging needs when working with the Map Creator or otherwise. We hope you find it helpful when creating mods!

You can also download this tool over on Mod Bakery and find more information, as well as the source code, on GitHub.


We are really excited to get these tools into the hands of the community and we are looking forward to seeing what gets created!

Once again, the Map Creator is in alpha so please report bugs on the issue tracker above so they can be found and fixed!

- The Butter Apple from Donut Team

P.S.: @Borb wants you to listen to this and @Mochapoke wants you to listen to this (Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Spoilers).