Tuesday Topics #58: Jeff's Map Creator 0.3

Published by TBA

A new version of Jeff's Map Creator is now available!



Hello everyone, this is TBA here with another update for Jeff's Map Creator!

Lots of new changes have been added so without further-ado, let's hop into it!

Jeff's Map Creator 0.3

The first and most notable improvement in this version is Intel GPUs! That's right, if you have an Intel GPU you may now be able to run this tool. I urge everyone who experienced crashes with the previous versions to grab this new version and try it out!

This update also features a couple of significant Quality-of-Life improvements to the asset browser:

  • You can now see the file hierarchy and can click the buttons to go to the folder you need.
  • There's also new buttons for adding new folders, importing a folder to the Assets directory and opening a folder in File Explorer.

new asset browser

Next up, there are some new updates to the camera:

  • You can now use F to teleport to the currently selected object.
  • Various improvements to camera movement.
  • It should now be more difficult to accidentally hit buttons.
  • Gizmos are now hidden when the camera is active.

Lastly, some other miscellaneous changes include:

  • Duplicating an object will now add an index to the name to help avoid duplicated names.
  • Various optimizations to hopefully improve how the tool feels to use.

I hope these changes make using the tool a more positive experience! I would like to offer a reminder that this tool is still in alpha so there might still be unexpected issues and bugs. If you find any, or just have any general suggestions for features an ideas, please create a ticket on the issue tracker to make sure I know: https://github.com/donutteam/jeffs-map-creator/issues

That's all for this update, however, I will leave you with a video of what I'm currently working on! I can't commit to a release date for this yet, since I want to iron out bugs and polish it more, but it's going very well!

Check out the video here

Download the new version on Mod Bakery


Thanks for tuning in to another Tuesday Topics and we'll see you again in a couple of weeks!

- Jeff from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb wants you to listen to this and Mochapoke wants you to listen to this.