Donut Mod 4: Level 1 Public Beta

Donut Mod is a full campaign mod modeled after Hit & Run's original campaign. The main goal is to have a significantly more polished and fleshed out experience. This is a public beta version that includes all of the content in Level 1:

  • Two difficulty modes.
  • 8 new story missions.
  • 1 new bonus mission.
  • 3 new challenge missions.
  • The taxi mission.
    • 91 routes available in this version.
    • Most routes do support Hellfish mode in this version and there will be no extra rewards on these routes.
  • 6 new vehicles.
  • 4 new costumes.
  • 7 new collector cards.
  • 30 wasp cameras.
  • The new high definition HUD.
    • Most of the HUD is complete but some parts are still untouched.
  • One new music track.

by Donut Team
Road Rage Returns

Road Rage Returns with a vengeance! Play in four classic levels fully fleshed out with missions and collectibles! This mod is decompilable, meaning you can use our assets in your own mod!

by Donut Team
Donut Mod 3

Donut Mod is a re-imagining of the original Simpsons: Hit & Run story. Currently featuring the three classic levels, all with brand new missions, cars, collectibles and secrets to find!

by Donut Team
Demonstration Mod

This mod is a demonstration mod for various features of the mod launcher.

by Donut Team