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Diddy Kong Racing: Jungle Falls · 1.0.1

Welcome to Jungle Falls from Diddy Kong Racing 64, we hope you're ready to earn some balloons! In one of the first ever Simpsons: Hit & Run custom worlds, you can enjoy three custom races and enjoy a brand new environment!

by Donut Team
Mario Kart: Luigi Circuit · 1.0.1

Revisit Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Double Dash. Explore the map in your car, or on foot (for the first time ever)! Try 3 new challenges based around this map as well.

by Donut Team
Level 4 Map Tweaks · 1.0.1

A mod that tweaks the car wreck area and the trailer park of Level 4.

by Donut Team
The Falcon Pack · 1.1.1

2 Mods in One: A recreation of the map "Big Blue" and "Blue Falcon" car from the SNES game F-Zero.

by Donut Team