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Tower Tooth · 1.1

The biggest car mod available for The Simpsons: Hit & Run! Play as Tower Tooth, a special vehicle from Twisted Metal: Head On!

by Donut Team
Wireframe Car Pack · 1.0

Drive around with all cars in a wireframe mode!

by Donut Team
The Planet Express Ship Car · 1.0.1

Take the Planet Express Ship from the show Futurama on a joy ride!

by Donut Team
Trevor's Canis Bodhi · 1.0

Trevor is on a meth induced high and has left his vehicle in the care of Gil. Though, Gil isn't the person you want to leave your cars with. As Homer, go pick up Trevor's Bodhi from Gil for 1,000 coins!

by Jake Andreøli
Lamborgotti DT760 · 1.0

One of the fastest and most beautiful cars is now available from Gil.

by Donut Team
Half-Life 2 Airboat · 1.0
by Donut Team
The Patty Wagon · 1.0

You don't need a license to drive a sandwich, now available in level 1.

by Donut Team
Halo Warthog · 1.0

A classic in it's own right, now available in level 1.

by Donut Team
Classic Donut Team Cars · 1.0

Drive around Springfield with classic rides that even Donut Team wants to forget!

by Donut Team
The PAYDAY Pack · 1.2

Drive around with Hoxton in the PAYDAY van and the MELTDOWN forklift.

by Donut Team