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Hit & Run's 14th Birthday Cake

Adds a celebratory Birthday Cake car for Hit & Run's 14th birthday.

by Donut Team
4,000 Community Members Celebration

This is a celebratory mod for the Donut Team community reaching 4,000 members. In this mod, Homer gets a new outfit to celebrate this incredible milestone. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

by Donut Team
Giant Toilet

The prophecy has been fulfilled.

by Donut Team
Trick Or Treat 2015

Happy Halloween! We've crafted up an awesome treat to kick off the holiday, a new pack featuring reskins of the original cast and their vehicles.

by Donut Team
Fourth of July 2016

Celebrate the Fourth of July with an America themed version of the Family Sedan and outfits for the player characters of the game!

by Donut Team
Holiday 2016

Get into the spirit by playing around with various holiday-themed costumes.

by Donut Team