Additional Characters

This framework contains additional characters and can be required by mods.

by Donut Team
Jake's Character Generator

A legacy tool for creating playable characters from existing NPCs.

by Jake AndreĂžli
Donut Mod (Project Donut)

Originally named "Project Donut", this is the first version of Donut Mod ever released. Decompile it and check out how we pulled it all off, or jump in and play the original stuff we came up with.

by Donut Team
Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Car Renamer

Edit ID and Indices of Car P3D files in the Simpsons: Hit & Run.

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' P3D Editor (Old Version)

This is the old version of Pure3D Editor. Use this version if you encounter any issues or limitations in Pure3D Editor 4. Please tell us what issues or limitations you experience on the forum
Edit the game's P3D files and create your own mods! Make sure to backup your files just in case!

by Lucas Cardellini