Drive Pickup Truck In Level 4 Without Unlocking It

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I'm not sure if anybody has noticed this yet, but it's possible to drive Cletus' Pickup Truck without beating the level 1 bonus mission. To do so, just finish Ketchup Logic. You can then drive the Pickup Truck (it sits in Cletus' driveway until you exit the area.).
Also, somehow there are two of this topic posted?

This certainly was not me.
Yeah, this is an oversight, i remember how i was surprised in seeing i could drive Cletus' Truck after the mission had finished. However, it's really uncommon for a player to reach Ketchup Logic in level 4 without having completed level 1's bonus mission already.
Ah yes, I had actually noticed this a while ago on some YouTube videos, though sadly didn't discover this as kid because I always assumed the vehicles become unusable after the mission ends, while this was the only exception in the entire game where you can get the truck. However I don't see any benefit since the truck is slow and once you switch to another car, it will be gone, assuming you didn't unlock it in first place in level 1. So I don't personally consider driving it early, because the earliest you can get is obviously the level 1's bonus mission. Or if counting only story missions, then level 2 mission 5.
I know. It's slow and not really ideal and you can unlock it in level 1, it's just something that I noticed.
And, i remeber after you've taken it in level 4 if it's damaged you can't fix it with a wrench. It simply won't work.
Wrenches can't work on AI vehicles (for obvious reasons)
Only on player/forced cars, and that's probably hardcoded

I'll change the title now. I really need to think more carefully when I type the title of a thread.
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