Is there any way to swap characters with their voices?

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For instance, play as bart with his voices from level 2, and play as him in level 1. But with his voice, and not homer's.
I could be wrong but I believe that the normal character swapping method does include voice lines? To swap a character, you edit the level's leveli.mfk file and find the following line:


Change "charactername" to the character's filename and "chofile" to the character's CHO filename (all of these are usually located within the art\chars directory, and the names for the base characters which you'd use are "apu", "bart", "homer". "lisa" and "marge".
Not only would the directions DFB stated have to be followed, but the 'dialogue' objective stages present in each one of the mission scripts for level01 would have to be removed as they rely on Homer being in place to work if your intention is to have Bart playable in the game's vanilla missions.

Alternatively, the conversation entries present in dialog.spt would have to edited in order to account for Bart instead of Homer. If you need any more information on how that would be done, let me know!
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